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If anyone comes up with a Wide Angle attachment possibility ...

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Hi Makofoto,

there was a thread about wide angle attachments with some sample images here:

x10 wide angle options

i can recommend the nikon wc-e68 (0.68x zoom), i've been having fun with it for the past few weeks. there is also a nikon wc-e63, which also seems to be good quality.

here are a few more samples of the x10 with the wc-e68. note that it takes some barrel distortion correction in lightroom to completely straighten lines

Sunnyvale Caltrain



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I have the Canon WC-52. That gives me 19mm on my X10. I believe nikon do one as well, but Im not sure how wide that will take you.

There is a Nikon wide adapter lens (WC-E68). It takes the 28mm to 19mm. I just bought a used one to try on my X10. Now I have to buy the step up filter ring to use on the lens or a step down to use with the lens hood. I have seen a sample of the lens' output on an X10 and it was good enough to make me want to try it.I am not sure what the result with the step down ring might be. It might vignette. It did not on the sample I saw where it was connected to the lens itself. I hope to have it tested by the weekend. If I do, I will post the results.

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I have a Fuji X20 that I put an old Nikon wc-e68 on it and it's awesome not sure what converter ring size I got I know it was a bitch to find but I'm wondering what ring or rings I need to attach the Wc-e63 on my x20 ????????anyone know of the size???

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