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Using an old flash

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I was looking into getting a Canolite D to use with my x100 since it's good flash unit and a perfect stylistic fit. I was wondering if it would be compatible. I read a single comment on another forum that old flashes and new cameras don't mix due to voltage differences. Is this true?

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I can't answer that specific flash, I have my dad's old Cobra CX150. I don't know what year it's from, but it works fine with the X100. THough I couldn't say anything about the voltage. There's no controls for power etc, its just flashes. I tried it the ones and that was it.

Cobra CX150

A photo posted by Matthew Maber (@mattmaber) on Aug 29, 2011 at 4:28am PDT



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I tried my Canon Speedlight on it and it worked. I had to take some test shots to get the exposure right. The flash was also very top heavy, as one might expect.

Mattmaber, I like the dual strap arrangement you have going on here. Good idea. I recognize the Gordy's wrist strap, but what neck strap is that? thx

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@ducevro thanks. Thats cam-in. Bought on eBay. I can never decide neck or wrist so having both is useful. I used the Gordy on my Nikon D90 over the weekend so am getting another one to go with the sling style strap that attaches to the tripod base

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Using an old flash on a modern digital camera is a common question. Here's the basics.

Old flashes often have a trigger voltage of several hundred volts. With the old mechanical shutters, that was no problem. Modern cameras with electronic shutter control use a transistor to trigger the flash. Applying several hundred volts across it will destroy the transistor eventually. Just because your old flash fires, doesn't mean it's safe. Your x100's trigger circuit will die eventually if the flash voltage is too high.

To see if you can use the flash safely, place the probes of a voltmeter/digital multimeter (set to DC voltage) on the two contacts on the flash shoe (side and tip) and switch it on. If the voltage is 6V or less, it's safe. If it's more than that, don't risk it.

There is a solution, however, for flashes with high voltage triggers. You can buy a flash adapter for about $45 that includes a protective circuit that drops the flash trigger voltage down to 6V. It slides onto the flash shoe and fits onto the camera. A popular one is called the Wein Safe Sync (http://www.amazon.com/Wein-Products-W990560-SSHSHS-Safe-Sync/dp/B00009UU18/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314638569&sr=8-1). I've used mine for several years with my old Vivitar 283.

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I contacted Fuji about the trigger voltage an as follows their response:

Fujifilm followup+LEB8HUEK07LVIH6LUEFNMDMBS0@fujifilm.metafaq.com to me

show details 10:35 AM (5 minutes ago)

Dear Federico,

Thank You for your email. The maximum trigger voltage the X-100 can accept is 50Volts. We hope this information helps.

The MyFinePix Team. --- Did you know that the MyFinePix forum is packed full of useful information? Our free online community also features galleries, competitions photoblogs, news, and features. Join today: http://www.myfinepix.co.uk

Original Message:

What's the maximum trigger voltage for the Finepix X100? Thank you.

Your query tracking number is BS5WH9X. Please use this code with all further communication regarding this query.

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Has anyone tried a Contax TLA200? I've been thinking of getting one of those for the X100. I hate the look of the Fuji ones, especially considering they charge double the price of the Sunpak flashes they essentially are.

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