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"Is that a Leica???"

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So the other day I was at a wedding and the minister after the ceremony asked me if I was shooting with a Leica. I was surprised to find out that he owned a NikonD700 and was super in to photography. He's quit good! If only he could take pictures and facilitate the ceremony at the same time he'd be a rich man :o)

I told him I had something better and showed him my X-Pro1. He played around with it and quickly decided that he wanted one to replace his Nikon. He was skeptical at first, talking about how you just can't get the same DOF without the full frame sensor. I showed him a few photos on my phone and he was blown away, quickly began discussing replacing his Nikon with the Fuji. He said his nikon just sits at home all the time, and when he does take it out it's so huge everyone runs away, haha. Perhaps a bit over exaggerated, but it made me feel good and confirmed that I had made the right decision to forgo the D600 and get the Fuji. To be honest, I like the look of it better than the Leica, and the looks of the X100 even better!

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