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September 2011 Photo Challenge


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Set to Shutter Priority: 1/500s and ExpComp -1/3 (do the -EC also with my D90 to try and gain some shutter speed, you can save shadows in pp but not highlights) the x100 decided A would be 2 and ISO 640.

I USUALLY go with Aperture priority, but Im trying Shutter priority ATM to try and avoid blurry subjects.

Also set to the fastest burst which is what I'm trying atm to get a series of shots as I walk by someone.

Southsea had their Albert Road - Southsea Fest that day and I spotted him whist on a wander, he looked interesting standing outside the fruit machine shop so I got a few shots as I walked past, I didn't notice the graphic of the girl in the window till I got it in Aperture. But then these are some of the nice unexpected surprises in street photography which counter the probably more frequent missed moment as the elements you spot diverge as you approach them or a just fading as you spot them - I had a few of those today.

Mirroring by Matthew Maber (MatthewMaber)) on 500px.com
Mirroring by Matthew Maber

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"Wait for Someone"


CameraFujifilm FinePix X100

Focal Length23 mm

Shutter Speed1/150 sec.



Copyright: Jaturapat Pattanacheewin

Taken originally in colour, processed in Aperture for b/w. I took this photo because It's interested blackground so the gloomy face on a poster and the lady passing is a lady with an attitude. :)

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Say hello to Louis Mendes.

Famous NYC street photographer who just hangs around street corners with his old Polaroid.

I was in New York for a very short 48 hours and was lucky enough to bump into him so I stopped, pointed at him then pointed at my camera, he nodded with a slight grin and then simply looked straight in the middle ok the lens, I pressed the shutter and that was it.

Was over in 4 seconds and is one of my favorite shots from that short trip.

Next time I go to NYC, if I see him again, I'll take another shot but I'll also ask him to shoot me.

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Silver Backs

I was walking down Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes during a bright sunny day in september when these two women came walking. Shot from the hip.




PP with Silver Efex Pro



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Reading the Newspaper

Reading the Newspaper

ISO: 800, exposure:1/18 s, aperture f/4, RAW

Taken at Stuttgart main station

I saw this guy and as I was walking by I took this picture. This is why the train in the background is blurred.

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I really liked this couple of women (mother/daughter, I believe). I was showing a friend around Brussel and hitting up the touristy places. There are no shortages of Asian tourists in all of europe, and I think it's GREAT that their culture is very interested in traveling the world so extensively...and so interested in documenting it very well. They are so often (constantly) camera-in-hand....so we have this in common, too! :)

This mother/daughter pair was taking pictures near the Grand Place, taking turns taking pictures of each other and then retreated to this corner to review them. That's when I got my friend to stand in front of me (facing me) and I snapped this picture over her shoulder. haha Keep it stealthy ;)

It's my favorite picture from today...mainly because of the way it reminds me of the two people in it and their dynamic.

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Boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ. I was quite far away when I saw the Bride. I moved as quickly as I could to get as close as possible. This shot is just before they left.

ISO 200, f 5.6, 1/500

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