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September 2011 Photo Challenge


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Two friends share a tender moment on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

This is a great example of how the camera is so discrete. I was maybe 8 feet away from them when I took this picture. I don't think i could have pulled that off with a DSLR.

Settings: f/9, 1/250, ISO 200. Shutter speed priority. 0 exposure comp. Multi-segment metering.

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Say hello to Louis Mendes.

Famous NYC street photographer who just hangs around street corners with his old Polaroid.

I was in New York for a very short 48 hours and was lucky enough to bump into him so I stopped, pointed at him then pointed at my camera, he nodded with a slight grin and then simply looked straight in the middle ok the lens, I pressed the shutter and that was it.

Was over in 4 seconds and is one of my favorite shots from that short trip.

Next time I go to NYC, if I see him again, I'll take another shot but I'll also ask him to shoot me.

actually luis shoots with a specially modified speed graphic with a custom mounted

lens and and back , he took my portrait 2 weeks ago in front of b and h

i wrote a mini biography thread of luis mendes when i first met him last year on b way and 8th st at the ep1 dot net web site and posted a black and white shot i took of him that evening, hes earned his fame and print accolade thru hard work for decades

thats a nice shot of him you took

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Care to share the settings on that great looking shot?

Sorry for the late reply!

Iso200 @ f/11 1/60sec

As far as in camera settings go, I don't really remember but that's my one of my personal B&W Lightroom presets I've used there.

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A walk

Photo taken in Town of Sidney, BC Canada. ISO 200 F5.6 1/640

This was a very large mural which I was trying to show size, so I waited until this subject gave me the perfect moment to create scale. The X100 was in silent mode which help a lot with this kind of street photography. Photo was converted to duotone later in Photoshop.

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Daytrip to the Harbourfront

Shot from hip as I was running accross the street avoiding a TTC street car. I normally walk around with my camera set to f5.6 manual focused to the hyperfocal distance but for some reason I forgot this time.


Exposure and levels adjustment in LR

Converted to B&W in Photoshop using Silver Efex Pro

Film grain added in post using Silver Efex Pro

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Street Vendor - Kemang Raya (Fuji X100, High Iso)

A street hawker cooking from a food cart in Keymang Raya in Southern Jakarta.

Stopped slightly down to f/2.8 for sharpness but shot at a starting ISO 4000, amazed that the x100 shots are usable in that range. I used Nik Software's Noise and sharpening applications and did the B&W conversion in Silver Efex.

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Journey of Life

If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking. - Buddhist Proverb

Journey of Life

1/1300 - f/2.8 - ISO800

I love what this does to gravity. ;)

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