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Fuji X100 Settings - Share yours :)

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Just for the sake of sharing

Here is my settings for the X100

Shooting menu

ISO - Varies (I use autoISO and set this as low as possible i.e. 800 in fall time in Denmark, because of the low light conditions.)

Image size L3:2

Image Quality: F (I like the Fuji's JPG conversion so much, that i don't shoot in RAW anymore)

Dynamic Range: AUTO

Film Simulation: STD (Standard) I really don't like the other settings too much. STD and Lightroom, and youre on a roll ;)

ND Filter: On When neccesary in bright light

WB Shift: (neutral)

Sharpness: M-Hard

Highlight Tone: STD

Shadow Tone: M-Soft

Noise Reduction: STD Standard

AF Mode: Area

Flash: -2/3 For softer lights when the scene is backlit.

External Flash: OFF


Silent mode: Usually off, but when in a church or at a funeral, hold the display button for some seconds, and silent mode will turn on, and prevent the flash from firing, keep the camera silent, and prevent the AF fokus light from disturbing people.

Image Disp: usually off

Frame Number: Continuous

Operation VOL OFF

Shutter VOL OFF

Auto Power Off 2 min

OVF Power Save mode on

Quick Start mode on

FN Button Mostly ISO, In the summer it is set to ND Filter

ISO Auto control ON - MAX sense (varies - 3200 for night and indoor) Min. Shutter 1/125 (to keep people who moves around focused)

Red eye removal off

AF Illuminator on

AE/AF Lock Mode P

AE/AF Lock Button AE + AF

Focus Check on

Focus Ring Reverse (anti clockwise)

Color Space sRGB

Long Exposure On

Auto rotate OFF (I like to use the full screen, and the camera is tilted anyway

Corrected frame ON

And outboard stuff

I bought the Lens Hood and the converter ring - Do yourself a favor and buy a polaroid filter. It protects the lens and removes skin reflections, which makes a big difference for me.

When the converter ring and the polaroid filter is attached, the leather case almost fits. It is ok, but damn..... The old cap doesn't fit as well and falls of easily, but with a bit of ingenuity, one could attach a bit of soft velcro, to squeeze fit the cap a bit better.

Thats it from me. I'm pretty satisfied with my X100 :)


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After a reset to factory settings, to get back to my bare minimum customization I only need change:

- shutter volume: off (why Fuji can't this be the default? Who wants an artificial shutter sound on a lovely, $1200, camera?)

- Output: RAW. Sometimes/oftentimes RAW+JPEG(Fine) as this gives the focus-check the ability to zoom in much closer.

- Auto ISO: usually on, max 3200

- Fn button: ND filter

Normally the camera is set to Manual Focus mode; my thumb hits AFL/AEL button to auto focus and lock; forefinger on the shutter grabs exposure at the half shutter press; recompose as necessary and the camera is ready to shoot.

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