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X100S 1.03 Firmware Available


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Matt - no harm, no foul.

See, that how you argue civilly; why couldn't FPC ever get that? I haven't crossed threads with him for months - did Chris finally get fed up and ban him?

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@biscuit fair enough, re-reding that it does look like im having a go specifically at you, it wasn't my intention and whilst I was trying to be verbose writing on my iphone I was also (as per usual) trying to be a little to clever.

It was a general comment with Zaris as an example - as I believe your and @artuk's comments also where.

Sorry both for any offence caused.

Thanks, I appreciate that.

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Hi Rico, you seem to be saying that the camera always goes though this cycle of activity when the shutter is half pressed, but that any "delay" is a function of the scene and camera settings at the time?

Absolutely. Fuji's digital MILCs typically work like this. Here's how the X-Mount cameras do it, the X100(S) should be quite similar if not identical:



I still seem to recall that when I first came across the issue, the aperture "danced" before the lens motors moved the AF, which was the cause of a slight delay.

This doesn't quite fit the mode of operation you describe, but I am certainly not going to "argue" with you about it unless I can re-create what I think my camera was doing nearly 12 months ago.

@biscuit - as for my experience, it has not happened often and does not cause me a problem for general shooting, but it has been an issue once or twice when the circumstances contrived against me (e.g. pre focusing in MF and trying to shoot blurred moving traffic).

Notwithstanding Rico's comments about aperture chatter when first released (his comments I totally agree with, a fix that slightly hobbled the camera), it does appear to be a "limitation" of the design. The fact that it appears to have persisted with 4 camera models now suggests it may as Rico suggests be "unfixable".

Ironically, I often take pictures in lower light and at fairly open apertures of subjects that do not move.

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Since Fuji credits the X100 with 0.01 sec shutter delay, what the hell kind of set up are they using to get that figure?

shutter lag claim

Probably the same test criteria and standards that the rest of the industry uses, CIPA. Shutter delay is probably never going to change regardless of conditions, but this would require you to remove lens activity from the equation. I would assume the .01 second delay is the delay in shutter release button to actual shutter release.

Regarding their claims of focus speed, Fuji says:

FUJIFILM research as of November 2012. Compared with other digital cameras equipped with an 4/3-inch sensor or larger, based on CIPA standards, and conducted in High Performance mode with AREA-AF.
— Re: focus speed

CIPA standards are outlined on their website.

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" Shutter delay is probably never going to change regardless of conditions, but this would require you to remove lens activity from the equation. "

I get it that there is a distinction between shutter delay (as caused by lens activity prior to the shutter being tripped) and shutter lag, which is the interval between shutter tripping and shutter firing.

But I hope you understand that, from a purely pragmatic standpoint, making such a distinction is largely irrelevant. My concern is with the duration of the entire process, from initiating the sequence to the end.

Separating the the two is like saying an automobile time trial for 0-60 speed only consists of what happens when you shift from third gear to fourth (to stick with Rico's 4-stage description) and that the build-up through the first three gears doesn't really apply.

What would be useful here would be know just how to strip the lens activity down to an absolute minimum, but apparently there's no getting away from it.

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fpc sold all his fuji cameras and now has become an advocate for ricoh and sigma cameras at DPR. he claims that all the fuji fanboys made posting any type of fuji related image impossible, so he decided to call it quits as a fujista and become the greatest user of ricoh and sigma cameras the world has ever seen. and NO , i'm not making any of this up, go to DPR and search for "rattymouse" and you will see all you need to know.

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FWIW, on my x100s there is some delay between pressing the button and taking the photo The aperture goes from open to f/16 or whatever, it does not 'dance', and it's a very small delay (maybe 1/5 second). If 'primed', the shutter delay is virtually nil. This is in bright sunlight.

Certainly nothing like the x100 video linked to in this thread.

I really don't think there is a bug. Not saying I wouldn't like the x200s (or whatever) to be faster all round though.

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Guys, back on the topic, 1.03 rocks! The camera seems to focus in the darkness now! It's not fast, but it seems to focus in very very dim light with confidence, really impressive! Also, the ovf focus lock performance seems on par with the evf regardless of the focusing distance. Loving how it locks with the ovf in the darkness, you can not see the contrast detection sweeping algorithem doing its thing, one more distraction out of the way....

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