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Get X10 40mm UV CPL & ND filters & step up rings 40mm---> 40.5mm, 49mm, 52mm, +snap on lens cap -EU

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Frustrated by the wait for an 40-->>40.5 step up ring ordered from US

, I combed Ebay and found an apparently Spanish site which had what I needed. It arrived fast and I was surprised to see from the paperwork that the seller was actually a German outfit, so I guess they advertise their wares in several countries/languages.

The name of the sellers's shop is Pro-photoshop. I used the Ebay advanced search to look for a shop called that and only one turned up. Result!! There is a long menu down the left of the web page and I was disappointed when I couldn't see 40mm listed in the step up rings. Then I tried the item "Sonstige Größen" (Other sizes) and I found enough to keep me interested. Here is the page:-


The adaptor ring I received this morning fits my X10 perfectly so I'm a happy bunny. This Pro-photoshop lists step up rings from 40mm---> 40.5mm, 49mm and 52mm so if you have useful filters in these sizes you're in luck.

They also list several 40mm ND filters, a CPL filter and a UV filter:-

Slim Neutral Graufilter ND8 für Fuji X10

Slim Neutral Graufilter ND1000 für Fuji X10

Slim Neutral Graufilter ND64 für Fuji X10

Slim Grey ND Filter Set ND8, ND64, ND1000 - 40mm - for Fujifilm X10

Neu: Spezial Haida Pro II Polfilter Digital MC - 40mm für Fuji X10

Neu: Spezial Haida Pro II Slim UV Digital MC - 40mm für Fuji X10

As an edit to this post, I made the happy discovery that the JJC LC-40.5mm snap on lens cap obtainable on amazon.co.uk & elsewhere also fits the 40mm filters so this is a good alternative to the push on standard cap. It comes with a cord to lash to to the camera to prevent loss!! Could be other 40.5mm snap on, centre pinch or bayonet lens caps (all the same thing, really) advertised on amazon.com will be the same.

These may be of interest to those who just want to use correctly sized filters and don't want the hassle of fiddling with step up rings in the field on cold days. I can't speak to the quality of these filters because I've never used them. Hopefully this post will be of use to someone, somewhere.

Good luck,


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