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Lee Seve5n Filter System

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I got this lens a few weeks back . . The weather has been crap and only had one chance last week to try it out.

Took these at my favourite local haunt . . . Going to do a lot more in the coming weeks . .

The Lee System is brilliant, I have adapters for my 14mm,35mm and for my X100s . .

Very quick and easy to fit, a bit of a hassle to keep clean but really happy with the system.

So far I have the Big Stopper and a 0.9ND Soft Grad.

These were taken with the 14mm



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Hi Silvia . .

Its the Lee Filters Sev5n (thats how its spelt) Micro Filter system.

All you need is a screw in adapter for your lens, the filter holder attaches to that

and then you slide the filters into place, they are special 75x90mm designed for our system.



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My suggestion is to get the Starter Pack. From there you need a filter adapter for your lens. And a Big Stopper if you would like to take long exposure images as seen above.

The Seven5 system is cheaper than the regular system, and works up to 72mm threads. I bought one myself not long ago and I am satisfied with it. Here you can see an image taken with X-Pro1 and the Big Stopper, The little Lighthouse @ 500px

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