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DPReview.com Fujifilm X10 Hands-on Preview

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DPReview.com has posted their initial hands-on preview of the Fujifilm X10. They offer a nice overview of the X10's features, and some comparison to competing cameras in its class, like the Olympus XZ-1 and the m4/3 PEN Mini.

Checkout their great hands-on video for a preview of the fast auto focusing system:

They conclude their preview with this assessment:

Both the X10's price and specifications hint that Fujifilm wants its camera to be seen as being a cut above its already desirable peers. And that's an ambitious aim, now mirrorless cameras can offer DSLR-standard image quality in a similarly-priced package. The X10 has several advantages over interchangeable lens cameras, though - its lens is much brighter than a kit zoom, offering better control over depth-of-field. Its built-in lens also allows for the inclusion of an optical viewfinder - a key feature for some shooters.

The X10 offers direct access to most key features and our early impressions are that it's mercifully free of the quirks and glitches that limited its big brother, the X100. However, as with any camera, the X10's success depends on its image quality and, while the EXR system is certainly clever, we'll want to shoot and test its performance in more detail before concluding how well it lives up to its potential.

I look forward to DPReview's full in depth analysis and review!

I expect to have my own Fujifilm X10 delivered tomorrow, and will be sure to post my own unboxing and initial impressions as a long time X100 user. Stay tuned!

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