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Damned if I can find a thread on this lens. (Both the site search and Google didn't return anything substantive.) If it's already been discussed, apologies.

My question is specific: the hood for this lens looks awful. It looks like it doubles the length. Anyone have any negative experiences *not* using the hood? Is the lens particularly susceptible to flare? I'm unclear why Fuji thought it needed a small house on the front of it, but I assume they had a reason.

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I have this lens and never use the hood . . I have shot beach scenes in full sun and late afternoon . . I really have not had flare probs,but I never really shoot into the sun if I can help it, even with lenses that have a hood . . .

I agree it is ugly . . so dont use it . . but Im pretty sure people are not looking at you with the lens on your camera thinking . . thats one ugly mother lens hood dude . .

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My opinion as to its excellence hasn't changed but where I said before that I don't consider it a lens for shooting distance or action I might now change my mind since the advent of the XT1 body with a viewfinder vastly superior to the EVF of my X-Pro1.


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