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Share your X-T1 Photos Here

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Shot almost 900 pics (a lot in burst) and 99% is tack sharp.

How many batteries does that equate to?

2.5, so about 350 shots per battery with high performance turned on and the 55-200 with continuous OIS (option 1). Back LCD off and (almost) did not reviewed any taken picture.

Had a short coffee brake in the sun and transmitted some pics to my iphone to put them on Facebook as well. They are not original batteries, but from EX-Pro.


I think good value for many.

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I think you can squeeze out even more if you turn of OIS and high performance.

Shooting landscapes with a wide angle doesn't need fast AF or OIS. Maybe 400-450 shots is feasable.

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Arnold, great pictures! How is the OIS on 55-200? Is it as good as they say, 4.5 stops?


I did not measure how many stops it is in reality, but having at least 3-4 stops stabilisation in the viewfinder @ 200mm is very nice. The IOS doesn't jump around the screen, it is very stable, so I think it can be used quite well for video also.

In other topics there was a discussion going on about stabilised lenses on the X-E1, that you better turn off IOS because of blurred images at higher shutter speeds. They also mentioned to set IOS to mode 2, but I haven't found any problemes with the X-T1. I've had the IOS turned on at mode 1 constantly on a very bright and sunny day with shutter speeds between 1/300 and 1/1000 and none of them were blurred. The EVF looks very smooth and stable which helps concentrating on your subject. Without IOS (or mode2) the image at 200mm is very shaky.

First i hade my doubts about the Fuji IOS implementation, but I think it has more to do with the X-E1 combination, rather than the IOS itself. Both the 18-55 and 55-200 work flawlessly now on the X-T1.

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I think you can squeeze out even more if you turn of OIS and high performance.

deactivating high performance mode REALLY makes a difference, confirmed! and I have to say, when shooting stills in dim light, it still doesn´t hunt.. for battery saving a great option..

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Loving my X-T1 so far! The autofocus is very fast, and the VF is great!



My first X-T1 pictures are going up in this set on flickr. :)

Nice set, thank you. I have two questions, if you don't mind: most photos, if not all except one, show an aperture of between 1.4 and 2.8. But some of them (like the guy kneeling with the bicyle, for example) have such DOF that I am surprised they were shot at those wide openings. Is the aperture data exact? Also, how did you get the b&ws? Are they converted and retouched from colour, or are they retouched b&w jpegs straight from the camera?

Thank you.

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