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Posting the greatest hits cannot happen soon enough. We should then petition Christopher to pin the thread so if when any one of us is having a slow (or low) day, we know where to turn for endless laughs.

Well if I am in the charts I can only be happy to cheer every one up.

I do have a blog and if you all subscribe I will post more often. But my own chapter in this forum of my misadventures and purchases will be great thanks . And sorry to move so far from subject of thread.

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Its great to see you boys getting on just fine without me


You're a fine one to talk, you couldn't even make it 40 days. Must be a slow week at the gallery.

40 days is not bad , wish I could give up fast food for as long :(

Ive been in new York for a couple of weeks actually taking pictures !

Ive even managed to get a real scratch on the top of one of my XP1's

(does that make it worth more ?)

The gallery has never been busier and we are in discussion about taking bigger premises

My main reason for coming on here is I am looking for a decent Landscape photographer who may want to show some work

Its not really my thing and we do get asked for pics

So anyone interested drop me a line with a link to your work and I'll have a look

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I assume flyblown is a pathetic attempt at a pun on my name. Very poor. You said you would be happy to stop posting. You obviously lied. Shame. You don't seem to realise the amount of piss being taken out of you. You're right, I don't need to read your crap, I'll just add you to FPC in my ignore list. Please continue to post about your DF in full knowledge I won't be reading it :-)

Ok I guess my DF speel will fall on D F ears then

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@pomimpocket. In what way is telling us all for the 3000th time that you own a Nikon Df anyway relevant to this thread?

All I can assume is that you believe the Df is some sort of phallis and think that people will ooh and ah about the size of it

Lets do a deal. You stop mentioning in every second post you make that you own a Df and I'll stop pouring shit on you about the fact you can't shut up about it

I consider the above offensive and have reported it to Christoper. I also damm well said exactly what I thought about it. If that makes me a pot stirrer so be it PCG.

I do not attack people for no reason.

I also did think I had talked enough about this and did say sorry in good faith. Yet I am called a liar?

I will not be called a liar by the above poster. I already know he has a short fuse. We had some kind of tiff before then kissed and made up.

He is out of order chaps .

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OK so you got a reaction from pominpocket. Now please just live and let live, rather than causing spammy trolling just because someone is slightly annoying to you personally.

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