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X100S Wow


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The fact the Nikon Df is a retro camera and so is the Fuji links the two of them together.

How dare you mention the sleek retro-inspired design of the X series in the same breath as the throw-it-all-at-the-wall butt-ugly Df!!

also - :P

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This is my last comment in that case on this thread anyway.

I joined a very good and polite Nikon DF Face book page .

It did not end there critics. A question was asked 'what other camera or cameras do you use? '

So many used Fuji and so many had the X100S . This was my original slight deviation from the WOW topic or thread if you must.

So people are pairing up these cameras with out buckets of shit being poured on their heads for mentioning this fact. But it was a Nikon forum.

The end

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I today received my X100S.

I have taken a few test shots today with the X100S and I am blown away by the quality of the files. Rich, colourful, great depth and sharpness. Fuji I applaud you.

Can't wait to venture into the countryside with it - Guess i'll need to buy spare batteries.


Quality is really amazing, I'm no longer using my DSLR when I travel, it's smaller, very accurate and even you can crop the photos without losing quality...really happy.

Weak points that I see are the AF (I need to explore this in depth) and the battery, it really drinks the batteries!!!




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