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Filter and hood for X100s


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"We're joined now by one-time photographer petera, who spends several hours a day staring at internet forums and writing comments on internet forums about how internet forums are a waste of time. What would you like to say to the people at home, petera?"

Some people on here would do a lot better if they actually went out and took some pictures instead of just talking about it

"Yes that's just the kind of pithy insight we've all come to expect from a man that has truly forgotten more about photography than we could ever know."

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Well it's the classic line when you are losing an argument on this forum.

'Why waste time talking about it go out and take some pictures "

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I did type something off the cuff and then looked at it again

I looked back through the forum and noticed some will only be happy having a row and I've fallen for that in the past

So for me Ive no further to add in the "row"

I should be a happy photographer ....never been busier with sales and gallery is going great

Why do I need to bother with rows on here ?

My work is available for everyone to see and comment on as much as they want ,good or bad

If anyone on here ever wants my help or advice please ask I am only to happy to help :)


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