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55-200mm @ the zoo


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Tried out the 55-200mm with the X-T1 this weekend at the zoo (Detroit). I was impressed with the IS and reach this lens has. I'm a converted Canon 70-200mm lens user and I felt I could get much closer (300mm equiv) and the pictures were very sharp at that length.Tiger




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First, thanks for sharing. I enjoy photos of animals and in particular, nicely done images.

My largest arsenal of camera equipment dates back to film. I used to consider the zoo as my photo therapy as I could spend several hours and simply relax and get those special shots. I also remember using a 300mm lens along with a 1.4x teleconverter at times and don't miss the heftiness of it all in terms of dragging it all around with a heavier tripod.

Today I enjoy my 18-55, 35 1,4 and 55-200 with my X-E2 (and X-E1 back up)and a lighter tripod. While my past D200 Nikon was great for my first real incursion into digital, I'll take the X series cameras hands down as a favourite for my now non-pro use.

Again, thanks for sharing the images with us.

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