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XT-1 with Yongnuo MC-36R Shutter Release

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I'm attempting to use a Yongnuo MC-36R C1 remote shutter release with my XT-1 and the button / lock doesn't release the shutter. I have both the 2.5mm cable and the micro usb cable for the trigger and get different responses from the camera, with each cable. When I test the 2.5mm cable I get no response from the camera on 1/2 press or full press. When I use the micro usb cable, I get nothing with 1/2 press, and auto focus with full press, but of coarse the shutter doesn't release.

I can use the countdown timer successfully on the shutter release with the XT-1. It's just the button on the release that doesn't work.

I have tested the shutter release on my Nikon cameras using the appropriate cable, and the shutter release works fine, so I know it's working ok.

Has anyone else used an MC-36R with their XT-1 successfully?

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