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Sharing my satisfaction with my X100


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You know….there’s nothing more satisfying in art when you come up with something in your creative mind and the final product is a perfect match (or sometimes better) to what you had conceived in your mind. In photography that includes colors, tones, DOF and all of this with minimal post-processing. This is what I keep getting with my X100. In my still life photography I like to create what I call “little snippets of life” where I create a kind of scenario in my mind and extract a picture from it. The worst thing that can happen for anybody doing any work (creative or not) is when the tool(s) you are using fail you and you have to devote some wasted energy to damage control during the work or after. The attached is not a big deal but to me it is because what I had projected in my mind came true. Aperture priority – Auto WB – Macro mode – Manual ISO.

I call it "Travel Gear".

Enjoy! - JC


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