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Trim Ring Replacement - SOLUTION -


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Everyone's complaining (myself included) that Fuji doesn't offer a replacement to that dang front-ring a.k.a trim-ring that we all end up losing. Well, I found a solution and many of you probably won't like it.

Fujifilm sells the part for $19.58USD

The part number is #BB25539-100

Just call 1-800-800-3854 and dial 3 to purchase digital camera parts.

It's available in black and silver for the X100, X100S, and X100T cameras.

So, there you have it. 20 bucks for a silly metal ring. JJC, are you reading this? Here's your chance to cut in with a cheaper alternative.

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Ah. I always remove this ring on unpacking the camera in order to attach a lens hood. I am pretty sure I still have the 3 rings for my 3 X100 models in some box.

And there was me thinking that in doing the same thing I was in some way strange.

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Thank you, 8bitkikko!  I managed to lose this part, too.  Using the information you provided, I was able to order the part from Fuji.  The cost was exactly as you said, $19.58 (+ $3.50 shipping, + any applicable taxes).

BTW, the X100T manual refers to this part as the "front ring", the rep told me that their part name is "lens cover". (I clarified with the rep this is not the lens cap!).

Thank you again for this info!  Great to be part of this forum.

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FYI update – I just called these guys and they are showing this item as “depleted“, and aren’t expecting any restock. The guy I talk to suggested eBay or Amazon.


...If anybody has that part in black that they’re willing to part with… Hit me up!

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