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Fuji X100t -LCD Screen Issue - With VIDEO!


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hey everyone I just got my x100t a few days ago. I noticed that when I touch the lcd ever so slightly on the side that's next to the click wheel it does a jitter just like when you push on a lcd tv or monitor.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

I know this is most likely a defect because it only does this on the right side of the LCD.

Maybe it's a bad batch from fuji? Anyways I'll be returning mine for a even exchange.


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No issues with mine. I pushed all over lcd, no problems.


Thanks bud I know i have a bad copy never had this issue with my X100 and X100s

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UPDATE! Hey everyone I just got my replacement from B&H and it seems to still have the same screen jitter issue.

The camera has a completely different Serial Number so was a complete exchange.

Im starting to wonder if anyone else out there has this issue and hasn't even noticed it.

Let me know if your copies of the x100t have this.

As you can see im ever so slightly touching the LCD screen and it jitters.

Thanks you can check out the video here

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Maybe it's just me, but to be honest I couldn't see and didn't notice any jitters at all!!


Look right under where the thumb is pressing on the screen, you'll see an every so slight halo or brightness boost. I just tested it with my X100T and it does the same thing.

The plastic protector they have over the screen is not very stiff. The "bleeding" for lack of a better term you see when pressing it is normal for an LCD screen. If you have an LCD monitor for your computer and press it, it will show the same type of thing.

I don't believe this is a defect, as it is just the way that LCDs respond to pressure. You might be able to make a case for Fuji to bolster the resistance of the rear plastic. If they did that, then you'd need to send your camera in for a retrofit.

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