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FS: XE-2, 18-55, 55-200

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I got the XE-2 as a backup to X Pro 1. As such its seen limited use. Then I got a brace of XT-1s and its now sitting on the shelf hoping for someone to pick it up and love it.

The lenses are at the perfect match for the XE-2. They too, are not getting used since I have the F2.8 WR set to go along with the XT-1s.

All are near perfect. The camera has a generic, but good, thumb bracket also box, and all the stuff that's inside. Also an L bracket, generic and functional.

55-200 comes with box, hood and caps.

18-55 comes with caps, and an after market hood.

I'll put some pictures of the kit into a gallery tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll include some pictures shot with the lenses as well.

I've done some looking around various used equipment sites and it appears the kit; camera and two lenses is going for about $1200 US.

I'm willing to sell them individually as well.

I'll cover PayPal. (I don't do gift option) You cover shipping. That includes Canada and lands beyond, but you'll be responsible for getting it through customs. I'll declare it as a gift if that helps.

I have good feedback on FM and PoN.

email is best means of communicating. david at dmwfotos dot com


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