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Northumberland and Scotland, 2015


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Some straight out of the camera, no crop pictures from my holiday in Northumberland and Scotland, September 2015.

Holy Island (Lindisfarne) Harbour. The tide is out. In the distance are the Farne Islands. You drive across a causeway to Lindisfarne and you need to keep an eye on the tide as if you get your timing wrong you can be stuck on the island for a good seven hours before it is safe to cross again.

Lindisfarne Harbour

On Lindisfarne, fishermen recycle upturned boats into huts.

Fisherman's Huts, Lindisfarne

After a few days in Northumberland, we have headed on up to Scotland, in the Loch Lomond area. We took a long scenic drive up to Fort William, and this view awaits you at the head of Glencoe.


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Richard, three nice pictures and their captions gave us a good insight on your holiday trip. I hope I will be able to visit there sometime in the future. Thank you for sharing.

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What a coincidence! Saw this on a TV channel here only last night. (NZ)  Must be  a lot of photographic opportunities there. Just love to go there sometime in the future and also West Midlands where my forebears were from (5th generation Kiwi)

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