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Silkypix conversion for Lightroom

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I'm really keen to get the raw files from my X30 into lightroom for editing, however, I'm slightly unsure exactly how to go about this.

Lightroom seems to flat out not recognise my RAW files when trying to import them there directly. I've read a lot about people using silkypix to convert their files to then be edited in Lightroom, but despite spending a fairly reasonable amount of time researching this, I have yet to find a step by step guide on how exactly to do it - i.e what changes you need to make when in Silkypix, how you need to save/export the files, and then how this all relates to uploading them for editing in lightroom.

Does anyone know a resource that will explain this in a simple manner, or if anyone is able to explain very simply I would be hugely grateful! 


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Lightroom will recognise X30 files just fine.

There are two reasons you may not be able to import.

One is that you have a version of LR that is older than your camera so LR does not know about your camera.

The other could be that you are shooting RAW+Jpeg and LR is only importing one of the files because you have not told it to handle two files with the same name and different extensions as separate files.

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