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re-furb X Pro with XF56mm versus re-furb XT10 with XF 60mm

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How important is the wide aperture. There is 2 stops difference in light transmission and in depth of field.

At head and shoulder portrait differences the f2.4 of the 60mm is ideal but if you want a very shallow depth of field at full length distance or for "creative" purposes then the 56mm f1.2 is ok but doesn't leave space for slight mis-focus. Both of these lenses are extremely sharp and have good bokeh - the 56mm is shallower DoF but the 60mm IMO actually has the better bokeh for fiddly backgrounds due to its 9 rounded aperture blades - a great advantage for soft edged out of focus highlights.

I fear my advice in this case to go for the XT10 + 60mm is tainted by my own preference for that lens.

When it comes to the camera I have to ask if you are used to a rangefinder style OVF because if not you will depend on the EVF (you probably will either way because the OVF AF is not easy to judge at 56mm).

The XT10 is light and compact and nicely balanced by the equally light and compact 60mm while the XP1 is heavier more solid feeling and a great camera to use and will balance well with the 56mm. AF speed is on a par between the 2 combinations.

I have both XP1 and XT1 and often find myself picking up the XP1 simply for the pleasure of using it. IT is not "better than the XT1 or XT10 just different. The Fuji X cameras have basically the same sensor with XP1/XE1 having a different processing engine and no contrast detect pixels and the latter if you want more sure AF is big difference as are the zone focus modes of the later XT1/10 for low light and for moving subjects.

Having thought out aloud there I come down on the side of the XT10 and 60mm f2.4 - however, you say you want "another body with short tele lens" so maybe you should tell us what you already have before getting opinions. For instance - if you tell me you already have an XT10/XT1 then I'd advise you get XP1 and 56mm and vice versa if you already have the XP1-56.

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thanks veejacee for such a full, helpful  and measured response. I have the X100 and XE2 plus XF35mm 1.4, I love the X100 colour and filmic rendition and thought maybe the old XPro would be similar, Obviously I have a budget restriction too,Regards and thanks



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