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Lensmate Fujifilm X30 Thumbrest on a Fujifilm X-E2


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Can anyone pls confirm me the X30 Lensmate thumbrest will fit on my X-E2? o_O
Looking closely to pictures it seems so, with the sculpted X30 thumbrest allowing access to both the shutter speed dial and the Q button on the X-E2, but before blind ordering I would like to be more sure about the compatibility. :confused:
As odd as it is, Lensmate discontinued the X-E2 model, now that Fujifilm presented the new X-E2s and, even more strange, I sent an e-mail to their customer service asking for details but with no answer. :(
Thanks for your advice, ciao ;)

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Wow I am surprised that Lensmate discontinued the X-E2 thumb grip already, hopefully they will start producing them again now that the X-E2s is announced. Fortunately there are no physical layout changes between the two.

Looking at the X30 thumb grip, it seems unlikely that it would fit on the X-E2, unless the top plate has exactly the same amount of drop from the hot shoe between the two models. Unless someone here has both and can confirm, I think it will be too risky.

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