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Punta Cana photo opportunities/suggestions?

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Hello everyone.

I am planning a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in June.  I have done some research to determine if there are any "must vist" locations for capturing memorable images.

If anyone in the group has any suggestions in terms of "If you're going to DC, you must visit xxx".

Typically when I travel to places I've never been before, I find a lot of value in participating in a photography-centered scenic tour. The one's where the guide is a photographer and takes the group to those places that I am seeking to find out about here since there does not appear to be any photographic tours that I've been able to find.

We will be staying at a beach resort. I suspect most of the images will be on the beach, but would like to venture outside of the resort for some either street photography or landscape images.

I have not found any, but if anyone happens to know of any individual or company that runs photo excursions, please provide information. 

Any thoughts, suggestions, or other pointers in terms of safety; places / times to avoid are greatly appreciated.

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I was there last month and stayed at Eden Roc.    It is far and away from the hustle bustle and crowds.   We didn't venture out much.  The hotel picked us up at the airport.  Flew on Southwest Airlines.  I got great pictures on approach by sitting on the right side of the plane. The island itself gets very busy during summer.   That was my first time going.  The hotel and grounds are fabulous and it is laid out like individual cottages.  Very nice and very private.   The restaurants were very good.   Obviously the beach is beautiful and I got up early a couple of mornings to photograph the sunrise.  Nothing spectacular but it was still pretty.  They gave us a golf cart to use 24/7 while we were there.  We thought about maybe renting a car to explore the island but had so much fun relaxing at this resort that we decided against it.  It was not busy the week we were there and it felt like we were the only ones around.  Very seldom did we see anyone else until we got to the beach.   Lots of photo opportunities for sure.  I can't recommend anything specific but aerial shots on approach are awesome.  Just check the wind direction before departing so you know what side of the plane to sit on.  

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