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Leather camera bag that can hold a 15.6" laptop

Alin Ciortea

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I did a little googling but couldn't find anything so excuse me if this has already been covered...

I'm looking for shoulder bag for my fuji kit that can also take a 15.6 laptop (I have a Dell Latitude E5550 that's 38cm long (roughly 15inches), 26cm wide (10.3inches) and 2.5cm (1 inch) thick). As for the kit, I currently have two xt-10 bodies, 18/2, 23/1.4, 35/2, 56/1.2 and the 18-55/2.8-4, but I only need to accommodate for one body. the kit lens will most likely be left behind, and the 18 and the 35 are small enough to be stacked toghether. I'd very much like if it were a retro looking leather bag (ona bag type of look). I've searched the amazon for stuff like http://goo.gl/TiKrd9 or http://goo.gl/FQgzkw but I'm still not sure they fit the requirements.

I know I'm asking quite a lot from a bag, but I'm also sure the collective fuji hive mind could return some great suggestions :)

Thank you!

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I have to say that a leather camera bag of those dimensions, once full of photo gear and a 15" laptop would be very heavy.

I would suggest as an alternative the Domke F-802 Reporter's Satchel, which has 

  • 7 compartments and pockets
  • Padded side walls and bottom, rigid top panel
  • Reinforced handle is box-stitched to top of bag
  • Adjustable Gripper Shoulder Strap is sewn completely around the Satchel for support

I have one of these that I use as an attache bag, papers various bits and pieces and one of the pockets holds my Fuji X100T, spare battery, sd card and lens hood, contained in a Billingham pouch and there is plenty of room left, whats more it is very discreet and does not shout 'CAMERA'


Good luck

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I've thought it over and decided to go for a feathertouch leather camera bag for the gear and a separate laptop bag for the same reason you mentioned (weight). the camera bag can accommodate 2 bodies and 3-4 lenses + accessories, while still being light. if i need even more i have my crumpler new dehli 610, and if i just need smth for a max of 2 bodies and 2 lenses i have a small gouache harvey messenger bag. 

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