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X-Pro2 and Radio Triggers

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My studio work involves simple lighting setups—usually no more than two lights. For a couple of years I've been using Yongnuo RF-603C triggers (one on the camera, and the other on the Einstein). I usually use a Canon DSLR in the studio. This setup has worked fine.

I'd like to try transitioning to the X-Pro2 in the studio, but my first efforts ran into a major snag: the X-Pro2 hotshoe isn't sending a signal to the trigger. (Camera set to sync speed, and I ran through all the flash options in the Menu, etc.)

This appears to be a communications issue with the Yongnuo, because if I attached a speedlight to the X-Pro2, the speedlight will fire. (Likewise, if I run a PC cable from the socket on the X-Pro2 to the strobe it will fire. If I run a PC cable from the camera socket to the Yongnuo, tripping the shutter doesn't signal the Yonguo.)

I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue. Alternatively, I'd be interested in knowing what radio triggers are being used successfully with the X-Pro2.


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