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Fuji/Mac WiFi connection problems

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I just found this on DPR and wondered if it might help some of our Mac users. If so - all hail Fuji UK help desk.

When I'm at my desk, I connect my Mac to the router via ethernet through the Thunderbolt display, and this hard-wired connection takes priority over the wi-fi connection.  This seems to be the root of my problem.  As soon as I disconnected from the Thunderbolt socket, the machine reverted to its wi-fi connection and the procedure described in the Fuji Autosave software ran smoothly to completion.  Instead of sticking at the "Registering This Destination" stage and shutting down the green Autosave icon, this time Autosave asked me to confirm or change the destination (the default folder being Pictures in the user name tree, the same place that Mac's Photos app points to). After accepting this destination folder, "Registration Completed" appeared on the camera almost instantly.

So the message is: check if you're on a hard-wired network and if so, disconnect it.  Will be interested to hear if we are all talking about a similar experience.

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