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X-Pro2 viewfinder blob

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Hi all.

I've just noticed a blob in my EVF view, it's most distracting. (X-Pro2)

I cleaned both the eyepiece, and the rectangular viewer, and changed lenses.

It seems I have a large piece of black dust in my EVF, I say this, because I can't see it in the OVF.

Also, if I use the diopter adjustment, I can bring this blob into focus, it is black, and bean shaped, with sharply defined edges.

Any suggestions how I can get this distracting object out of there?

Cheers all, John Williams :-)



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Regarding this blob, I emailed Fuji, asking for advice.

They have replied by enquiring whether this blemish is visible on the LCD.

I written back letting them know that it is not visible on the LCD, nor, strangely, in the OVF. Just in the EVF mode.

I believe the EVF is a physical screen that flips in and out. When I'm in EVF mode, I can sharpen the blob with the diopter adjuster.

I think it's a physical object in there, presumably stuck to the EVF screen. It looks like a flake of black paint.

I'll see what their next communication brings.

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Interesting! Following along.

When the EVF is engaged, I believe it is displayed by way of a prism when a curtain blocks the OVF. It's possible something has settled on that part of the optics, but that would be surprising, especially with the weather sealing.

I wonder if perhaps some pixels on the EVF display have failed?

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Identical problem for me. Its seems the problem happened because while traveling I lost the rubber covering the viewfinder.

No way I could find a replacement while traveling and now I have a lot of little dust in my evf. Its not appearing on pictures but its quite annoying when I see through the evf.

Did you find any solution?

I really don’t understand why this little rubber band is so loose, for a weather sealed camera this little thing is a kind of epic fail.

see the attached picture. I took it with the iphone through the vf, so low quality...sorry 

please help!




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I recognised the picture of your viewfinder from your post on the DPR forum. I think the answer you got there is most likely to be correct and that you will need to send your camera in for repair since the rubber referred to is part of the weather sealing. The rubber seal itself does not appear obtainable by mere mortals.

Contact your local Fuji repair to see what if any is the charge and also the turnaround time. If the camera is relatively new they may repair free of charge since it is part of the weather sealing.

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