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Lens Cleaner


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Here's something I wanted to share: recently I was about to toss out an empty bottle that once held eye drops when I noticed that the dispenser top was not actually sealed in place.  A bit of gentle prying and it popped off.  I rinsed it out and filed it with lens cleaner.  Perfect size for travel and dispenses a small drop at a time.  Hint: peel off the label or cover it with tape so's to not confuse bottles!

One other note: at a PhotoExpo a few years back, there was a booth offering free lens check-up cleaning.  I noticed they were using a blue lens cleaner and asked what it was: Windex!  Yes, the same stuff you have been using on windows or whatever. Have been using Windex ever since on all my optics (including my eyeglasses).  Just wanted to pass that on.

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190 proof ethyl alcohol(ETOH)was used by a team of Nikon techs visiting a Chicago

dealer and offering free cleaning many years ago.

It is a commonly used reagent in lab tests and is sold by lab supply houses and liquor


The relevant value is that it leaves no residue when it evaporates(very quickly).

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