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© Vic Chapman 2015



Couldn't resist this couple in period clothes at a local event. The 90mm f2 is equally at home on the X-Pro1 where it is faster to AF than most of the Fuji lenses - on a par at least with the 55-200mm, not quite XT1+90mm fast but still very good and it balances well on XP1 too.

1/400 @ f2 - about 2/3rds frame and bright colours at top desaturated.


© Vic Chapman 2015

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I didn't even try the OVF - as far as I'm concerned it runs out out of steam at 60mm and I find it hard to judge focus when using the zoom because without checking I don't know what FL is set. I use the OVF with 14mm and 18mm neither of which require much focusing  and the 35mm. From upwards because the focus frame is rather small and more and more I find it easier to stick to evf rather than switch between XT1 evf and the XP1 with OVF.

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When I first saw this image my mind played a trick on me into believing he was holding his nose to avoid the cigarette smoke from his lady friend.   Upon closer inspection, I saw that he was adjusting his eyeglasses.   

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