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Downtown Montreal Skyline at Night (Panorama)
© CC-BY-NC (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/) Jeremy Clarke
Credit Jeremy Clarke

Downtown Montreal Skyline at Night (Panorama)


My favorite photo of this spot I've visited many times. This is the widest I've ever been able to get from the lookout because of my new 16mm prime.

Created with LR Photo Merge panorama tool which works amazingly well, but takes a long time to process into your ultra-wide DNG file. It's way more useful than Fuji's built-in panorama tool with it's sweeping requirement and constant error-failures. I had my camera on a flat part of the wall and rotated it between shots, LR aligned the photos well. 

Used local adjustments on the sky and foreground plants to balance the lighting which was too bright in the sky and too dark on the trees. Also did some WB adjustments to correct the true orange cast of the city and make it more neutral/white to bring out the colored signs and buildings. 

It was hard to get it down below 1.5mb for upload so the resolution doesn't really do it justice if you zoom in. The resolution of the merged panoramas in LR is huge and they are still in RAW format, so it's also a good way to break out of the 16mp limit of Fuji cameras. 

Advice appreciated if you have ideas :) 


Jeremy Clarke


© CC-BY-NC (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/) Jeremy Clarke

Photo Information for Downtown Montreal Skyline at Night (Panorama)

Taken with FUJIFILM X-T10

  • 16 mm
  • 31/10
  • f f/4.0
  • ISO 200
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I really like the exposure on this, I get a good sense of the city's energy and nighttime glow. Did you intentionally light the plants in the foreground, or was it existing light? It makes the image nicely balanced.

I haven't tried the new LR Photo Merge tool yet, the possibility of a merged DNG RAW panorama is incredible. I used to shoot so many panoramas, working with many different tools for find the best. Autopano worked well but was very cumbersome to use. I think the hardest thing about panoramas is being able to properly share them! They just don't have the right impact scaled down for the web.

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Thanks Christopher :) 

The plants in front were completely black but I was able to rescue the extremely faint light from the lookout  because it was shot at ISO 200 and was a DNG etc. Ideally I would do another brighter exposure just for the plants and stitch them together, but I prefer to avoid leaving Lightroom and so often the DR is there if you use it carefully. 

Ideally I'd also have something to look at in the sky. I'm thinking a long exposure with lots of airplanes might be cool, or just a photo of stars shot straight up and merged in (there's never stars on the horizon, but there are some visible from the same location if you look up). 

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Nicely done Jeremy. As has been said panos lose so much of their impact when reduced in size but this still looks good.

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