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Aubrey Watches Over Us All

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Photo Information for Aubrey Watches Over Us All

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    • By EOBeav
      I just now pushed the button on an X-T20 and am beyond excited that it's on its way to my house. This is my first Fuji. I'm coming from a Canon 5DmkII, a 10-year-old camera, so this will be an upgrade in technology and a shift in a camera ecosystem for me. Mirror to mirrorless.  OVF to EVF. 
      I ordered the silver version for purely superficial reasons. To my eyes anyway, it looks more 'retro' than the all-black. It will be a nice complement to my film gear. Also, I added the 50 f/2 and left off the 18-55 f/2.8. I'm sure that kit lens is perfectly functional and all, but I wanted to hit the ground running with a solid, relatively fast, and (presumably) sharp prime.  I've been reading a lot of good reviews about it, anyway. As I sell of my Canon gear, I'll add more Fuji lenses to my setup.  I'm also intrigued by that 23 f/2, and that just might be lens #2 when we get to that point. Some longer, fast zooms are probably also in my future. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
      So, it looks like I need to shut down my Canon forums and start looking around on here more. I'm looking forward to spending some summer learning this new system and getting some nice images in the process.
    • By Phantasmagoria
      A second-hand shop at Phillip Island, Australia.
    • By Phantasmagoria
      Entrance to a home in Lisbon, Portugal.