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Just bought the xpro1 - this is one of the first photos taken with the camera.

All my photos are taken from a wheelchair

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I love the simple sense of peacefulness you've captured here. the view through branches makes the viewer feel they are there beside you. Especially good considering it is taken from the restraints of a wheelchair. It also makes me think I should adopt a similar low viewpoint more often.

Welcome to the Forum Hanz.


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Thanks for the comments veejaycee

It is frustrating being at the same level for all photos, but you make do with what you have.

I hope to upload some more soon - just got to get around to reducing the file size.


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I can understand your frustration but from my long experience most photographers don't look for different viewpoints, the most obvious being that of waist height or eye height to you. . A lesson I learned long ago is to consider the waist height PoV - these days I have to think about whether I will be able to get up again!.

 It is especially useful when shooting people using FLs of or shorter than standard since even with wide angle lenses it is possible to avoid the big head small feet - or reverse - syndrome. More importantly, as a less used viewpoint there is an added attraction to one's pictures simply for that reason.

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