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Just would like to show these images taken with a Fuji X Pro1 and a Nikon 105mm F2.8 Micro lens. Have had a bit of fun with this setup. Purchased lens off  Ebay and is just like new. Just a fraction of the cost of new. Performs rather well I think. Your opinions please. Making me think that second hand lenses are the best way to go. I really think that Fuji lenses bought new are way too expensive for the average person. I do realise they do perform quite well, but so do a lot of others  for the average photographer when he or she stores most of their photos on a disc or hard drive. I think we can get quite hung up on the latest and the greatest. We should just enjoy the craft of photography.With this set up I am really enjoying photography again by going in a different direction.

Would like your opinions on this subject

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Photo Information for DSCF5238.JPG

Taken with FUJIFILM X-Pro1

  • 50 mm
  • 10/1250
  • f f/1.0
  • ISO 640
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Nice picture.   Is that a bug..?     I have taken a picture of a bug during the summer, cant post it at present as it is on my external hdd .  Nice to see you used another brand of lens on the x-pro1.  Id like to be able to buy some other old lenses which would be compatible with my x-pro1.  I seldom use the x-pro1 but would like to start using it, Tho i have to continue reading up on camera settings firstly.  But for now im using my xs1.  I only recently purchased the samyang 12mm for the pro.  I have the 35mm also, and the 50 / 230.  I do have a carl zeiss jenna DDR  P   1: 1,4  f=50mm  MC  and wonder if that would fit the pro with an adapter.     I also have a rollei planer 1,8/ 50mm   which i hope would also fit the pro with an adapter.   

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Yes, its a bug or beetle of some kind. Real life size about a third size of your thumb nail.

Good idea about adapted lenses. You can save money by doing this. Just make sure that they have aperture rings as they will not be auto focus or auto aperture. You have to set these yourself. It will make you a better photographer in the long run. Just make sure you get the correct adapters. Lets know if the forum can help.

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Great shot Kiwiana. I used to have this lens in the 1980's and used it on a Nikon FE2 for studio portraits. Really wonderful. Almost too sharp at times for pictures of attractive women. I sometimes used a green filter.
Pixco make a lens adapter/variable extension tube that works well with a lot of standard lenses. I can get great 1:1 macro with a Zeiss 40-80mm Vario Sonnar. The adapter is $38, the lens $170 - $200 on Ebay. I'll post some pics of this combination.

Norrie, I have the Rollei 50 1.8 Planar and the Rollei 135mm Zeiss F4 Tele-Tessar. Both work well with a QBM (quick bayonet mount) adapter, which is about $17 from Amazon. The lenses both have a very pleasing color rendition and are quite sharp.

I have started a thread posting pictures taken with the Rollei and Contax Zeiss lenses I bought for the Fuji X system. I loved these lenses on my RTS system in the 90's and they are now absolute bargains compared to how much they were new. Don't get me wrong, the Fuji lenses are fantastic, but sometimes we want something either that Fuji doesn't make, or is less expensive. I'm all for that. Below is a list of lenses that I have. the Fuji cameras I own are: X100, three XE1's, XE2, X Pro1 and X30.

14mm F2.8 Fujinon Aspherical

27mm F2.8 Fujinon Aspherical

18-55mm F2.8 – F4 Fujinon Aspherical zoom

40-80mm F3.5 Zeiss Contax Vario Sonnar zoom

45mm F2.8 Zeiss Contax Tessar

50mm F1.8 Rollei HFT Planar

60mm F2.4 Fujinon Aspherical Macro

80-200 F4 Zeiss Contax Vario Sonnar zoom

85mm F1.4 Zeiss Contax Planar

90mm F2.8 Zeiss Contax G Mount Sonnar

100mm F 3.5 Zeiss Contax Sonnar

135mm F2.8 Zeiss Contax Sonnar

135mm F4 Rollei HFT Tele-Tessar

200mm F4 Zeiss Contax Sonnar

300mm F4 Zeiss Contax Tele Tessar

You can find my new thread here:

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