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White Anemone


Camera Fuji X Pro 1

Lens: Nikon 105mm F2.8 Micro with adapter.

Photo Information for White Anemone

Taken with FUJIFILM X-Pro1

  • 50 mm
  • 10/5000
  • f f/1.0
  • ISO 400
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Kiwiana, indeed this is a really beautiful and very well done. The parts in focus appear to be quite sharp and those out of focus have a pleasant smoothness. I also like the contrast between the white of the flower and the dark background. It would be really nice if you could provide some details on your setup and the actual technical data of the lens settings (obviously those from EXIF are not correct). Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks @MarcoDebiasi. Sorry, yes I should have done this.

Shutter Speed 1/500sec

Aperture:  F4.0

ISO 400.

For this type of Macro  ( flowers) I like to use a larger aperture as I think it does make the objects a lot softer and more pleasant to the eye.

I bought a Nikon Series D 105mm off Ebay about 3 months ago plus an adapter and have had a lot of fun with it. It's given me a new direction in photography.

I also bought a Canon 50mm F1.4 off Ebay and it works wonderfully. Apparently it never came out of the box. When it arrived it was in the original packing. Bought 38 years ago.

I am a great believer in legacy lenses, and cannot see anything whatsoever wrong with them.

OK you will have to manually focus and set the shutter speed, but that's fine, it will make you a better photographer.

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Posted (edited)

Kiwiana, thank you for the additional information. I myself use a good legacy macro lens (reviewed here: http://www.fujixseries.com/forums/topic/6029-tokina-at-x-90mm-f25-macro-on-x-e1) which is very rewarding.

Back to your image, did you use any flash or just natural light? In the latter case, was the background naturally black (or very dark) or did you manage to make it appear so based on the light level difference between it and the flower?


Edited by MarcoDebiasi

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Hi MarcoDebiasi. No, It was a dull background behind, under some trees. I do not own a flash, but am thinking about purchasing one just to fill in some shadows now and again. I think with a flash you need to use it very discretely or you can spoil a shot with too harsher light. I am thinking that the Fuji EF X20 may be a good choice used with a diffuser. Any ideas what may be the best for the X Pro 1?

Would like to show more photos on this site, but it will not accept them. They are deemed

too big. A bit limiting.


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Hi Kiwiana, which adapter did you use for this lens? I have it, would like to try it out with my Fuji camera.



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G'day Heather. The adapter I used with this combination was a Fotodiox brand adapter. I purchased it from Amazon and was well priced US$15-$20. I know you can pay a lot more,but this works well. Thanks for your inquiry.

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