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    • bargainsushihead
      By bargainsushihead
      I have seen the x70 manual, where slow sync is avail from the flash modes. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x70/shooting/flash/index.html
      I can not figure out how to get the 'slow synchro' option, regardless of full auto, or partial auto modes. All I have is: Forced, Commander, External & Suppressed.  And I'm guessing Rear curtain is not available?  
      I also don't understand why I can't choose any flash setting in Electronic Shutter mode. 
      Thank you for any insight. 
    • Dismason
      By Dismason
      Today, my first video was published on YouTube. All my videos during the year I shoot with my best and excellent video camera: Fujifilm X100F. 
      Subscribe to my channel today!
      PS. Tips and good advice from all of you will be taken with gratitude!
    • RainerS
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