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  4. Hi. i am using Xpro1, and the problem is when i shoot the half of the picture taken had black / dark zone. ( it was excatly shoot in Eletronic Shutter mode using newest fujifilm model such as XT1, XT2, Xpro2 etc ; if i am not mistaken, the Xpro1 is using mechanical shutter; focal plane shutter ) Does anyone have a same problem with me? i tries search at any website for this kinda of problem, but i don't get the answer. i' ve reset the camera settings and still persist. its look like mirorr delay / shutter delay problem. I've attached a images taken from this Xpro. Xpro1 + xf18-55mm f2.8-4
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  6. As far as I am aware, that isn't possible. This being said, I used to be just like you: have the focus point in the middle, focus and then recompose. However, since I own an X-T3 I have changed my ways. It's very easy to move the focus point (you can even use the screen if you don't like the lever), the accuracyis the same on the outer parts of your screen as in the middle, so I just adapted my ways. Never looked back.
  7. PeterjmTim

    Capture One

    You can't really compare those two arjay. Capture One is a raw processor, while Affinity Photo is a pixel editor (that processes the raw picture at the beginning of the process). Capture One definitely isn't bad, but I lack a dehaze option.
  8. pixelninja

    Nissin i40 speedlite flash for Fujifilm (ND40-FJ)

    Bump for reduced price
  9. paulbroad

    The Red Arrows at Scampton.

    Part of the Red Arrows display. Shot at Scampton air show with 100/400 and 1.4 converter.

    © pbroad

  10. paulbroad

    The Red Arrows in action.

    Part of the Red Arrows display. Shot at Scampton air show with 100/400 and 1.4 converter.

    © pbroad

  11. paulbroad

    Red Arrows at Scampton.

    The Red Arrows performing in poor conditions at Scampton.

    © pbroad

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  16. paulbroad

    Replica Sopwith Tiplane.

    Duxford air show. 2019 Battle of Britain. Sopwith Tripane replica braves the AAA over the western front!

    © pbroad

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    Young starling.

    A young bird with new adult feathers.

    © Paulbroad

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