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  2. Hi there, I just finished my first part on our travel to New York on which I only took the great X100F with me. https://stockografie.de/visiting-new-york-city-and-you-guess-what-camera-i-took/
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  5. I've always focussed cameras by having a fixed (locked) focus box at the centre of the field of view, then pointing the camera so that the object on which I want to focus is in the (centred) focus box, then half-pressing the shutter, and finally (with the shutter still half-pressed), moving the camera to compose the photo as probably the object used for focus (lots of structure) is not wanted in the centre of the FoV. But on the settings I seem to have on the XT30, the focus box moves all over the place with a mind of its own! I just want to lock it to the centre of the FoV ... but I can't see how to do this! Can someone tell me what setting I need to make please? (I bought this camera because t has so many "retro" features, but it seems I can't entirely ignore the horrible digital interface .... they need Apple engineers to sort it out and make it more intuitive.) Thanks for your help ... it has to be some simple setting.
  6. pixelninja

    Fujinon XF 14mm f/2.8 lens - $460

    Lightly used, perfection condition - lens and body are pristine. Includes all original packaging and accessories + Vivitar UV filter. Selling due to lack of use. $460 firm - includes shipping and PayPal fees Shipping: included; US only; USPS Priority Mail; PayPal shipping address only Payment: standard PayPal (seller fees included); verified PayPal addresses only References: eBay user ID - 81rooster
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  8. RonBaggette

    X100 Metering setting

    Hold AE button down and use function wheel to click once to spot setting😃
  9. When using macro setting an error message reads “Turn off camera and back on”. Can this be fixed?
  10. Darren

    Camera advice please

    Hi guys, Returning to Fuji later this year, have previously worked with 2xpro2,s but wasn't for me so returned to another brand but the weight of my camera bag now is horrendous and after a mad few months of back to back weddings I am looking to fuji as I loved the colours and lenses should have maybe exchanged camera bodies I suppose after the xpro2 but now I feel is the time, there are lots of you tube so called reviews but would rather here from working wedding photographers out there using fuji x systems and for your thoughts, I am considering the xt3 or the xh-1 so particular love to hear photographers views on these models pls for wedding/portrait work. Thank you for any help, its appreciated. Darren.
  11. What I have found to be the simplest and cheapest solution is to use the ring from a keychain. It has been much better than all other solutions. I have a ring that I use in summer time and a larger ring for winter shooting with gloves.
  12. Dismason

    Long-exposure daylight

    In bright light, you probably have to use a filter and then select a shutter speed for the brightest part of the image. When I took the photo of the "Black Pearl" I used a 10 stop ND filter and exposed the image to the brightness of the sky (-3 on the camera setting): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=135948154328609&set=a.110062373583854 & type = 3 & theater The effect I wanted was a smoother pattern on the sea surface. Also experimented to see if the $ 200 million ship gets sharp in the picture in hard wind with a five second exposure. My photo is taken with Fujifilm X100F.
  13. Dismason

    Capture One

    I have used Adobe Photoshop CC and Luminar. Both Lightroom, PS and Luminar have been sensitive to crashes in my five year old iMac. Now when I've tried Capture One Express, it got me to buy the Capture One Pro license for Fujifilm. There are not as many functions and options as in CC, but I think the image files look much clearer with greater dynamics with Capture One. The best thing about it is that it is much faster than its competitors. I removed the CC from my computer and it became twice as fast after that. Capture One is a time saver. In my new Instagram portfolio (which I started three days ago), all images are converted from raw to jpg with Capture One Pro for Fujifilm: https://www.instagram.com/fujifilm_by_carl/
  14. I had a very similar problem with my XF10, after some messing around the thing that fixed it was switching the drive mode to one of the quick speeds and then back to regular shooting. For whatever reason part of the camera though the shutter speed needed to accommodate fast Frame rates, 6ps on this camera, or possibly stuck in the 154k mode and of course can only open the shutter so long to accommodate that. Anyway clicking to the fast Frame rate In the drive mode and then back fixed it. Turning off and on didn't.
  15. Krajan

    Capture One

    I was actually so impressed over how easy it is to use with; so I bought the Fuji Pro version. And now (suddenly) all the menus and layout looks the same as all the tutorials
  16. baldaciara

    Cigognes bad process...

    ...my stupidity in post processing image... a bad photo taked by car, went in a wrong picture in excess of post processing ... I let you comments.
  17. Hello, Same thing happend to me, my camera went without baterry and wen in started, the shutter didn't work... after some research,i came to that forum... it was a simple solution... thanks guys.👍
  18. Hi everyone! I have a question for you guys. I have a x100 camera and I want to shot with long-exposure during the day sometimes, like waterfalls, skyline or whatever. But my problem is that all the time I am trying to take a picture with that, the photo is just white or super overexposed. Do you have some tips how to make it work for me? Or do I need some filters or something? Thanks for an advice!
  19. in position M light values can not adjusted. the indicator on the screen does not react. it remains in the -2 position. in other positions than M it works correctly.
  20. GeoffC

    Capture One

    The Express is a free download - not easy to realise that though! You download the whole, but after 30 days it loses some of the functions. Capture One isn't an easy one to use for Channel Swapping.
  21. Jose Truong

    Capture One

    I think U should try it. Thought U r Luminar 3 fan I am convinced and more satisfied with the Capture One workflow than Luminar 3’ s....
  22. Jose Truong

    Dalat Vietnam

  23. Jose Truong

    Dalat Vietnam

  24. Jose Truong

    Dalat city, Vietnam

  25. Samuel Yang

    XF 55-200mm question

    Thank you for your reply, Jose. If no-one can confirm that this behaviour of the lens is normal/acceptable, then I agree with you that I should return it
  26. Hi. I have an x30, which I bought new about 4 years ago. Lately, when I turn it on, the viewfinder behaves oddly — the exposure meter won’t appear, or sometimes the entire viewfinder is black (and so is the resulting picture if I take it). Usually, turning the camera off and then on again clears the problem, but it’s super annoying and a little worrying. Any ideas?
  27. GeoffC


    Thanks Rob. I still have to use Luminar or Luminar 2018 for my XE-1 RAW files - especially IR ones. Luminar 3 doesn't recognise them! Maybe L4 will, but we shall see. I tend to use Capture One (Fuji Express) for IR white balance, first.
  28. Jose Truong

    XF 55-200mm question

    I think U should return this faulty lens to the vendor. My XF 55-200 works smoothly a year ago....
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