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  2. THESFB123

    Trim Ring Replacement - SOLUTION -

    FYI update – I just called these guys and they are showing this item as “depleted“, and aren’t expecting any restock. The guy I talk to suggested eBay or Amazon. ...If anybody has that part in black that they’re willing to part with… Hit me up!
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  4. unkhle

    Using an old flash

    Hello, I tried mu Canon Speedlite 155A on my X100s, but whatever I tried, the camera wouldn't fire the flash (flash test button worked fine, silent mode off, manual shutter). Just to make sure: when I insert it in the camera hot shoe, should I consider it an external flash? Thank you! Kasper
  5. XtJerry

    New 16-80 for infrared

    Found this site which has some infrared shots with new Fuji 14-80 mm. Doesn't look like hot spots are a problem with this lens, at least at f/8 and f/11. If I understand the hot spot issues correctly, I would infer that f/4 and f/5.6 should be okay also. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ricopfirstinger/sets/72157710795891867/ I had sold my old X-T10 infrared conversion a while back. Looks like I will now have Life Pixel convert my X-T30. My "regular" photography is with a pair of X-T3's. Jerry
  6. after recovering deleted data from SD i am unable to open / view the RAF files. no problem with Jpegs. Advice on a fix would be appreciated.
  7. Hello. Just moved from Canon to Fuji. As far as I can see, there is no way to make the Canon Transmitter for external flash units work with the X-T30. The flashes used, Canon 430 EX works fine in the flash mount on the camera. Anyone out there who have tried Nissin Air Commander for Fuji-X system with Canon flash units? Nissan says it may work, but no guarantees? Would be nice to know before shelling out on expensive gear that might not work. Fuji seems not to have an wireless flash remote, at least not for sale in Sweden. Is there any other options you recommend?
  8. Has anyone checked the new 16-80 mm lens for hot spots in infrared? If so, what are your results? Thanks.
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  10. Thanks for the link Just bought an X-T30 so on a learning curve. First impressions are very good
  11. Hi, Yesterday (and a couple of times before) my X100T began showing the message "Read error" on playback mode for the last 20 or so photos taken (see attached photo). Photos taken before that earlier in the day are showing up fine on the camera, and my computer, but the ones showing an error message on the camera aren't. I just used a free trial of a recovery software and can see previews of the dead files, so I know those photos are on there and accessible somehow – I just don't know how, and I want to find a way to recover them before formatting the memory card entirely. Any ideas on a relatively easy and affordable way to do this, please? Thanks very much.
  12. Hi folks, I am having an issue with the playback function on my X100T. Regardless of the view mode ( or anything else ), I cannot view my recently taken images on the LCD. I just get a blank screen no matter what I try. Am I missing something simple ?? Is it a setting in the menu ? I just can't work it out. All I supposedly have to do is push the playback button ? Apologies as I am not a regular user of this camera and find it somewhat baffling. I appreciate any help in advance. Cheers, Dave.
  13. paulbroad

    Rear Gunner

    Display of rear turret in British world war two heavy bomber. The life expectancy of a rear gunner on operations was less than a month!

    © Paul Broadbent

  14. Dassault Mirage 3 supersonic cold war French fighter. Elvington. Wide angle Samyang 12 mm.

    © Paul Broadbent

  15. paulbroad

    Mig 15 trainer. Built in Poland.

    Mig 15 trainer. Built in Poland. Duxford.

    © Paul Broadbent

  16. paulbroad

    Little Friend.

    Boeing flying fortress B17G 'Sally B' with Thunderbolt fighter. Duxford.

    © Paul Broadbent

  17. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  18. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  19. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  20. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  21. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  22. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  23. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  24. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  25. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  26. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  27. paulbroad


    © Paul Broadbent

  28. I had similar issue. The reason was face recognition was on.
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