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  4. Hi. I'm a newbie and took advice from a book to save to both RAW and JPG on my XT3. I'm finding the JPG files, compared to the RAW files, are overexposed. Is this a camera setting issue. If so, can anyone direct me as to where to find the settings that are causing this discrepancy. Thanks...
  5. raagamuffin

    My X100F long term review

    The review seemed from the heart rather than a cold spec sheet review with a focus on the features rather than the usage/results. Whereas the world has moved to digital and binary (including cameras), there are still spaces where analog (art) is still enjoyed. I used my original X100 (purchased in 2012) until last year, having retired it because its slower speed was causing me to pause when compared to my XT2. I am looking forward to the new model, lets see if its worth it to pay full price like my original x100 !
  6. I've managed to build quite an inventory of X-Series bodies (8) and lenses (21) throughout the years. After buying an X-H1, I decided it was time to let go one of the X-T2s, so the time has come cull the X-T2 collection down to one. Also anticipating release of the X-T4. So this baby needs to go. This camera and battery grip look as new. In E+ condition, really. I take care of all my stuff. All the original boxes and box contents included in sale. The body and grip have been married to an RSS-L-Plate to protect from dings since day 1. [NOT INCLUDED IN SALE] [https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1301148-REG/really_right_stuff_bvpbxt2_l_plate_l_plate_for_fuji_vpb_xt2.html/?ap=y&ap=y&smp=y&smp=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=CjwKCAiA6vXwBRBKEiwAYE7iS4N4UwUvlQIFki1s5nwITcHGkPMSgICojTcwTYMh-h_M5bJrMjRD1xoChl8QAvD_BwE] Also LCD protection glass since day 1. Lots more X-T2 and battery grip pictures here: https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-wCDqF5/ I have bought and sold many things online. Here's links to my feedback on other forum I am very active in... My Fred Miranda forums feedback history (User: psaltis): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nl_rQKK1VsbdBvzgjNnLY9Sphq1qE3w-/view My Fred Miranda forums profile: https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/viewprofile.php?Action=viewprofile&username=psaltis
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  8. Hi there, A lot of us are awaiting the new and upcoming Fujifilm X100V and yet our beloved gear is still more than adequate. After some two years I thought it might be time to write up my personal sight on the Fujifilm X100F. I do hope you enjoy the read and images. Have a wonderful day 🤗 https://stockografie.de/an-x100f-real-world-long-term-review/ Cheers Stockografie
  9. I'm a hobbyist who will readily admit she does not know much about cameras. I saw this rig the other day (Fuji X100 with a Spiratone 0.15x Fish-Eye Camera Lens attached) and wanted to know how in the world an adapter was found to connect the two (I have come across this exact Spiratone lens and now own it). I've searched high and low for information about the use of adapter rings and such with this camera and have come up dry. If anyone has the knowledge of what I could do/buy and can explain in laymen's terminology, I would be indebted to you!!
  10. yep. i think they all do. at least for my xt100 and x70 and x20 they did.
  11. G262

    X-Pro3 thread?

    Is anyone posting experiences, etc with X-Pro3 in this community?
  12. Ianmac

    Capture One

    No luck. Capture One have not responded to my requests. Speaks volumes.
  13. When I use mobile app for transferring photos to mobile phone the photos are shown without original capture date. I suppose, the entire exif is missing. Can I fix it? How looks this thing on x3 with bt transferring? I want by x3 tomorrow and this problem is really angry..
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  15. Hi, I have exactly the same problem on xt 20..do you find a solution?
  16. catseye


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  17. GeoffC

    Capture One

    You might be in luck, soon! They've just responded to my question - though they didn't really answer it correctly.....
  18. Ianmac

    Capture One

    Update did show my existing licence key Still failing to get any email communication to/from Capture One
  19. Neil. E.

    Colour Accuracy Lightroom vs Capture One

    To simplify my question, which I admit is problematic in having so many variables: Has anyone with a newer generation Fuji body noticed that the Fuji colour profiles in Capture One closely resemble the rendition of for instance the Provia profile in Lightroom? - or is there in fact a marked difference between the two programs? Its apparent there was a difference in the way Capture One interprets files from the earlier 16Meg Fuji's vs newer models - I can only see 2 basic colour profile options for my XE1 body, where later bodies would show a full range of 'In Camera' Fuji colour options, so it's a question of the colour accuracy of these later profiles that I can't see at the moment. I'm in the fairly unusual situation of being able to pluck a small painting from the studio and put it on the wall behind my monitor to directly compare the captured results vs the actual source, which in photography I suppose is quite unique...and up to now have been happy enough with how the Lightroom Provia profile renders colour. I should add that I aim to minimise manipulating the file as much as possible, as it would get too complicated in altering the specific colour relationships...I suppose the answer is to have some fancy colour picking device to generate a custom ICC colour profile but this is probably beyond my capabilities. If anyone has any experience of anything like this it would be greatly appreciated.
  20. GeoffC

    Capture One

    Ouch. I agree support is a tad lacking. I asked a week ago about whether this latest Capture One was still 'free' under the original Express terms, and have yet to receive any response. Perhaps your update didn't acknowledge the existing licence key?
  21. Ianmac

    Capture One

    Punished by Capture One for my enthusiasm Re my post on Sept 30th. In November I paid Capture One £129 for my Fuji version. On 8 December I am advised by Fuji Connect that there is an update to my Capture One. Checking this out, I find I have to pay £129 to Capture One to get the updated version. No graduated discount for recent purchasers of the 'Old Version' While selling me Capture One in November they knew a new version was about to be launched. Trying to make contact with Cap One is proving difficult. Their email system on their website refuses to accept my message Paying £129 for two months use of an old version of Capture One does not make me a happy chap. Ive been ripped off. Thinking of Cap One ? Be very wary of what it might cost you.
  22. As the title implies, was surprised to find out that the X30 can charge it's battery from any USB, wall or car charger. Do any other fuji cameras do this?
  23. I have a slightly unusual question that people on here may have some good experience of. I'm an artist, an abstract painter who paints in wild vibrant colours and also dabble in a bit of photography as a bit of an aside. One thing that is really important to me is that I use Lightroom as a catalogue for my artwork so use it in perhaps a strange way where half of my images are actually paintings not photos. I try to get the archive as accurate as possible to the real thing as a record, admittedly with no specific output requirements other than current publicity etc...mostly web...but want it to be good enough for possibly printing or other use in the future unknown. After years of using my Fuji XE1 and the last standalone Lightroom 6, I've got to the point where I'm happy with the colour accuracy I get with Lightroom as the raw converter. I don't use any fancy technical colour checkers but being intensely familiar with the specific pigments in the actual paint, I find that I can achieve acceptable colour accuracy by eye on my iMac screen. My specific dilemma is that I would like to upgrade my camera body to maybe XE3/XT30/XT3 generation but realise that I would have to move to the license CC Lightroom version (which as a broke artist I am loathe to do). I Know there is another work around of using Iridient X DNG to import, but in the meantime have been exploring a trial of Capture One 20, and can compare colour accuracy side by side. I think I could get my head around switching and can see the improvement in detail in Capture One. Ironically I can often see the Lightroom 'Painterly effect' details in my photos of actual paintings, often set off by the repeated pattern of the canvas weave, so am maybe far down the rabbit-hole. I have noticed though that the default colour profiles in Capture One (no Fuji colours available for 1st gen Fuji just 2 generic profiles) lead to colours that aren't quite right to my eye, the general look seems to be over saturated, particularly in the blues, a touch more contrasty maybe - with intensive fiddling I can get the overall colour accuracy close but still get aspects of false colour...but Lightroom is better straight off the bat just using the Fuji Provia Profile. I've noticed this difference in normal landscape photography too where Lightroom looks more natural and Capture One looks good but possibly a bit too enhanced, something thats subjectively acceptable for a photo but not a record of artwork where the colour accuracy is paramount. One aspect I'm not able to verify, which some of you may have experience with is that I read somewhere that Capture One improved it's conversion algorithms for the later Fuji cameras, and that not everyone was happy with results for 1st Gen X-Trans...maybe this is what I'm seeing. Has anyone any observations with colour accuracy on the later Fuji's in Capture One vs Lightroom, especially as if you have a later body then I believe you have access to more options in the Fuji native colour profiles. It's a tricky one to verify as if I go out and get a XT30 body then I won't be able to open the Raw file in my version of Lightroom to compare. Thanks in advance if anyone can share any experience on this, any views greatly appreciated, or maybe there's some general consensus that I'm not aware of between the two.
  24. h7m

    FS: Hasselblad X-Pan

    Up for sale is a Hasselblad X-Pan II camera in excellent condition. Never damaged and no repairs with this camera has it has always been handled and used correctly.Comes complete with the following.-Camera body with front protective cap-Camera strap-45mm f.4 lens with protective case-Lens hood-Dual directional spirit level-Allen Key/Hex wrench-Hasselblad Center filter Xpan for 45mm lens (prevents vignetting)-Rilex polarizer filter-Lens guide-Full instruction manual-4 new batteries-Original boxes and packaging.Overall I just haven’t used this camera much so I’m selling the whole together, the camera is in great shape.Asking Price: US$4500 shippedIf you are interested kindly contact me via emailh7mhas at gmail dot comThanks for looking.
  25. Technical performance is excellent but who in Fuji, with all their experience of camera design and build, put the Q button where it is. I cant avoid hitting it accidently. I know i can re-asign it to a different function but what good is that ? Its the button's physical position thats wrong and Im stuck with it.
  26. Great shot, I like these live photos! http://fixthephoto.com/free-photo-editing-apps.html
  27. RobR

    PC AutoSave

    I have the same problem: Fuji's PC Autosave Manager V1.2.0.1 running on Mac OSX V10.15.1 doesn't respond to my FinePix XP-120 I am an IT professional and have captured the XP-120's DISCOVER broadcast packets arriving on my Mac. But even with the Mac's Firewall disabled, the PC Autosave Manager generates no response packets. So I infer that PC Autosave Manager is incompatible with OSX Catalina V10.15.1
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