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  2. Spring Cleaning Time and I am offering up my collection of vintage photo literature: These are guides, instruction books and advertising and promo pieces that I have acquired over the years. Some may not be all that vintage, but are interesting just the same. Several of the guides are still useful for those hardy souls shooting film. THERE ARE MORE ITEMS THAN THE ONES SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS! I came across MORE STUFF after I shot those and am just too lazy to re-shoot! More good stuff and I probably will find (and include) a few more by the time the sale is done. $15.00 for Everything, Including Domestic Postage! .
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  4. Wah Fu Estate of Hong Kong
  5. Fuji repair centre tell me they have "replaced a fuse & repaired a circuit board"
  6. Actually I want to say that all the digital marketing company and all the function work on the seo india and formation of branded company. our local company work on the world level which completely depend the customers and our employee. they work for the company without hesitation and without create selfishness . .
  7. Thanks for asking. Now that I've had some time to play with the 24-70mm f/4 Nikkor S, I'm amazed and happy to report that it must be seen to be believed. It is so incredibly good over its entire zoom range it makes the 50/1.8 redundant unless the user needs the speed. I took published reports of its performance with quite a bit of salt;they were NOT kidding!
  8. Hello Can anyone tell me how to activate the "My Menu" tab in the main menu screen? The manual states that the tab is available only is options have been assigned to the tab, but how do you assign options if it isn't available in the first place? This is on an XT-2 I just bought. thanks Jack EDIT: Just figured it out, thanks anyway!
  9. Baby tiger rattlesnake along the Old Jeep Trail in the McDowell Mountain Sonoran Preserve, Scottsdale, AZ, USA.
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  11. Hi, Today, my first video was published on YouTube. All my videos during the year I shoot with my best and excellent video camera: Fujifilm X100F. Subscribe to my channel today! PS. Tips and good advice from all of you will be taken with gratitude! https://youtu.be/0MOkBXl5FU4
  12. I don't know if it will help you but I use Faststone Image viewer (free but donate) to download my pictures. A new folder is automatically created for each day and each download retaining the download date and the file date. I zip through the jpgs and weed out any rubbish including the raw copies (easier to cull on a large screen). I then use the Edit - "Edit in external hardware" option to open in Iridient X Transformer (depending on the image) and/or direct edit in LR. I find it easier to keep track of my files that way although there will always be a file or two that needs to be removed from within LR. vers 7 out now https://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm BTW you can set (in setup menu) - choose sequential or backup and switch the slots around.
  13. Landing or taking off ?
  14. Hi Guy's, I am just new to Fuji and dare I say it on my old Sony A7 I was able to create a new folder for storing images. On My X-T2 the file numbering has got to 004 and each new day all the images are going into this folder which is a mess and this is on both RAW and JPEG files in slots 1&2. Can any of you please suggest what I might have done wrong or how to reset the numbering so each day the images go into a new folder location in the camera. I have not deleted any files from the card using the computer, I use a card reader direct to the computer.
  15. © Walter Schoffthaler

  16. 1958 Chevrolet Impala - Street-shot from last summer, when the local Amcar-club hat it's weekly "Cruise Night" -

    © Walter Schoffthaler

  17. Taken with my old Fujifilm X100. Many still complain about the softness of the f 2.0 lens, but I loved it. It was taken at 2.5 on a tripod. In reviewing the pictures from that era, I love the colours too.
  18. Tiny little blue dragon fly
  19. seeing all these threads about the built of the GFX50R etc made me wonder if i at least should get a half case that looks descent and is intuitive enough for practicality. In my opinion, it improved handling and gave some additional protection is my main concern. Don’t like those with metal plate at the bottom, it’s not what a leather case should have. Any suggestions ?
  20. I just read on this site about owners concerns about protecting their lens on x10-x20-x30 and purchase brands Marumi or Fotasy 40mm uv filter.what I like to add that on other sites like Dp review site x10-x20-x30 owners where complaining about seeing spots and speckles on them,first of all unless you buy brans like Hoya pro1 hd or B+W filters which cost is way higher and still need cleaning before use and some of the lower quality ones would effect your picture quality instead keep your lense clean and careful.
  21. Thx knowledgeseeker, just got me used x20.
  22. Hi Gustoby, new here just joined got me used x20,ovf onthis camera what you see diff from the lens sees.about aperture priority you said F4 to F5.6, Landscape shooting isnt f11 sometimes even f16 better dof. Thx.
  23. Hi All, new member I just purchased used x20,took some pics setting for image quality-f+Raw when I loaded them on PC I got different dimensions example jpeg-2048-1860.raw-2048-1536. and some pics vise versa. Thx.
  24. Spring in Japan
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