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  2. Were those vendors in the London area? Even if not, the mileage would typically be less, I think.
  3. any link ? can't find a cable that can trigger my xt3 from my tilta nucleus nano and also my moza air 2 one should be 2.5mm to 2.5mm the other micro usb to 2.5mm
  4. Thanks Christopher, I've downloaded the Express version - I'll see how it goes
  5. @Stickboy reported on another forum that Fujifilm ultimately replaced the AF mode switch itself after sending it in for repair a second time.
  6. You should try it out, Capture One handles Fujifilm RAW files really well.
  7. I'm an old guy who had a pair of Leica M4s in the 70's, concurrently with a pair of Nikon Fs(SLR). My X100S is a keeper because of the advantages of its optical finder. The killer-sharp fixed lens is another.
  8. I've always been a SLR guy, I've never had a rangefinder before, but... I'm going to get used to it, of course! thanks!
  9. Much more common not;the bigger the lens the more of it you will see. Hardly the end of the world;Leica and Zeiss Contax users lived with it. Leica rangefinder users still do.
  10. Hi, I'm a wedding videographer working solo so I need a zoom lens that can offer me a wide range of focal lengths. I shoot on the XT3 with a monopod and I've been using the 18 - 55mm for the past 4 months. However, I constantly find my self needing more focal distance and don't really have the option to get a second body, due to set up time on the day/budget. Has anyone used the 18 - 135 for video and does the slower aperture impact the results? Thanks
  11. hi everyone! just bought a X100F and and I'm trying to figure it out. one thing I noticed is that through Optical Viewfinder I can see, below, on the right, some of the front part of the lens overlapping with the shooting frame (actual area to be photographed), is this normal? thanks in advance, Francisco
  12. I've just purchased an X-T3 and noticed a Capture One brochure inside it. The registration doesn't clarify the Express is a free download. Is it worth trying, or better to stick with Luminar3? (Though I'm not overly impressed with Luminar3!)
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  14. I was gifted a pair of old Vivitar flash units. A 285HV and a 2800. But before I use them I thought I'd ask whether these would synch with the hotshoe, and if so, whether the powerful output would damage the innards of the X30.
  15. Hi, I have the same issue, have you solved this? Thanks, C
  16. I have something similar from a few years ago
  17. I remember when ISO was ASA and 125 was blazing speed.
  18. The X30's specifications include a 2X digital zoom function. Yet I find no reference as to how to turn this function on, or where in the controls this is accessible. Pointers please. TIA.
  19. I don't understand why bokeh has become so important in lens quality. A few years ago Bokeh was so well known we would have looked for it on a Japanese menu. Concern over the quality of blur was never considered. I have been an avid photographer for over 50 years, "out of focus background using depth of field" was common practice as it is now.But why the emphasise on Bokeh? It seems that every lens review needs to mention "Bokeh". Manufacturers talk about it as if its one of the major features. Forums discuss it all the time. Did Cartier Bresson worry about it? Don Mcullin doesn't seem concerned. Has Rankin discussed it? Etc.Etc. An image with wide aperture out of focus background is highlighting the subject.Not highlighting the quality of the fuzz behind. Is it not? I suggest its just another manufacturers ploy to add to the reasons why you should purchase my lens. Is it not similar to the motor industries go "faster stripe" pitches.
  20. I tried to take a photo of the man with the red flag in front of the car (Well not quite) I remember camera shop sales staff who new what depth of field was.
  21. I have forgotten to mention that the white splatters over everything (especially on the left of the photograph), are bird droppings.
  22. I have the same experience. I missed some critical shots. My canon 7D mark or 5D mark IV would never missed in these circumstances. If the camera focusses the pictures are perfect, but this is a problem also with firmware 3.0. See
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