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  3. Hi. I'm new to the forum. I have an X100T. I also have kids. After I found out one of my kids had messed with the camera, I noticed the command dial was broken. It is stuck in the depressed position. It rotates but it's hard to turn and does not have any effect no matter what mode I'm in. Two questions: Can it be replaced? Is there a way to just get along with out it, moving its functions to another part of the camera interface? Thanks for any help you can offer!
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  6. Picked up a new wrist strap which has helped a ton!
  7. Dogtog

    E-X3 front dial question

    So far nobody has chimed in with advice or comment. After spending more time with the X-E3 now, I'm realizing (unlike the X-T3) I can only use the front dial to control aperture on lenses without aperture rings. My frustration arose because I usually use primes with aperture rings. Oh well. I hope this gets addressed with the next firmware upgrade so I don't have to wrestle with my stubborn muscle memory each time I switch between cameras. Any of you in the grey haired demographic know what I'm talking about. Thanks for the opportunity to whine.
  8. Bob_Boyer

    Whitefish Point Lighthouse 1.jpg

    © © 2019 Robert Boyer

  9. Bob_Boyer

    Old Presque Isle Lighthouse 1.jpg

    © © 2019 Robert Boyer

  10. Bob_Boyer

    Forty Mile Point Lighthouse 1.jpg

    © © 2019 Robert Boyer

  11. Bob_Boyer

    Iroquois Point Lighthouse 3.jpg

    © © 2019 Robert Boyer

  12. Bob_Boyer

    Pentwater Sunset 2.jpg

    © © 2019 Robert Boyer

  13. Bob_Boyer

    Silver Lake Dunes.jpg

    © © 2019 Robert Boyer

  14. Anyone put one of these on a body as yet? Viltrox 85mm f1.8 for Fuji Just saw it today - first aftermarket autofocus lens I've seen for Fuji. It's got me curious, to say the least. If you've tried it, what are your impressions?
  15. LCM_Scott

    How to delete my account

    How about keeping it because you want to hang out and read all the pure gold posts that we put out there?! Just kidding delete him he's a trader!!! Out of curiosity though what did you switch over to and why? Did your style or needs change?
  16. I've have experience with the X-T2 and X-T3, but just got a new E-X3 and am having a problem with setting up the front dial. I usually shoot manual mode and let the ISO float via auto ISO. I change the aperture with the front dial (aperture ring set to "A") and SS with the rear command dial. On the front dial I can toggle between Aperture-Exposure Comp-ISO by pressing the front dial. Works fine on my other Fujis but on the E-X3 I can't change the aperture this way. The aperture value on the real screen is in orange. The exp.comp and iso via the front dial work fine. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance Cheers
  17. Thank you for reminding me about this setting, works for my new Rokinon 7 mm
  18. MisterR

    Joe Watt Canyon

    Amazing colors! do you use retouching?
  19. Christopher

    How to delete my account

    @Ostravaczech I can delete your account if you would like, while preserving your content shared with the community. It will appear as content from a 'guest' user, but can live on to help and inspire others. Thanks for being a part of the community all these years!
  20. This post is kind of old but what I just did may help someone like me who was struggling with this. Under Button/Dial settings in Set Up there is an option for ISO Dial Setting (A) to be Auto or Command. Mine was set to Command. When I changed to Auto the auto ISO settings worked as they should.
  21. When I press this button, nothing happens. I've gone through the steps of making sure it hasn't been customized to produce some other functions, but there doesn't appear to be any.
  22. Gary Alessi

    Connection Problems.

    If you want to post images from your phone to your social networks...ie instagram, or facebook....or just email images to your friends or relatives from your phone..
  23. farrell

    How to delete my account

    Certainly, it seems you should be able to delete it. Presumably Christopher would still be able to eliminate "bad actors" by blocking them, but maybe there is no provision for deletion. Unless Christopher weighs in, we won't know,
  24. Ostravaczech

    How to delete my account

    Thank you for your kind comment re: desert flower photos. I really do not know what would happen to those photos, maybe the administrator can answer.
  25. MarcoDebiasi

    How to delete my account

    Ostravaczech, does the deleting of your account mean that the pictures you shared with us will also disappear? Some of them, e.g. of desert flowers, are beautiful and it would be nice to keep them available here for viewing.
  26. Ostravaczech

    How to delete my account

    Yes, that’s my number 1 fear, @farrell! The cybersnoopers discovering MY account… But seriously, why have it when I wouldn’t use it, so if anybody knows how to delete it, let me know.
  27. farrell

    How to delete my account

    why do you need to delete it? why not just stop using it? do you have concerns about cybersnoopers discovering it?
  28. Ostravaczech

    How to delete my account

    I’ve sold by Fuji cameras and so I don’t need to come to the Fuji forums anymore. I need to delete may account but I have not been able to find out how. If anybody can point me to the right place, I will appreciate it. Thanks! Ivo
  29. robthebruce

    Been Wandering Around Michigan...

    Thanks Bob for the pics. Having the polarising filter has certainly helped. I think it is time I got one. Like you, I use the 16-55 f2.8 and love its rendering and contrasty feel. (The photo above was taken with this zoom.) I still use my 14mm Fujinon when needed, and a 50-140 f2.8 for the longer shots. I have the 23 f1.4 which is a really good lens too, but not often used due to the convenience of the zoom. I shot the detail of the window on this site using it. The light in Australia is quite different from the USA and Europe, more like central Africa. It is hard, really bright for most of the year and has a very yellow tinge to it. In outback Australia the dirt/soil is red and this gives it a different feel again. The gumtrees emit eucalyptus oil and this gives the air a blue haze which gets more noticeable on hot days. So unless you shoot early morning or late evening, its hard to get a good landscape picture. You can view mine at https://www.flickr.com/photos/robculhane/ Final comment re: Gordon Lightfoot. I loved his music but he was not played very much over here in the late 1970's. He was with Crosby, Stills and Nash and others of that generation, a good wordsmith and musician. Regards, Rob
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