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  1. Nearly 9" north of Fountain Hills, unreal!
  2. I'm glad you were able to capture it! Quite a day!
  3. What sort of specification are you looking for? It's a standard tripod mount, centered with the lens.
  4. Great tip @SnapPuppy! I'm glad it's this easy now, I never got around to buying a USB one.
  5. I can't wait to hear what you think of the X-T3 @mattmaber! I'm still quite pleased with my X-T2's but the temptation is real. Perhaps in 2019 I'll make the leap.
  6. Interesting to consider @Dismason! You could make an argument for continuing to use our cameras for a longer period of time before replacement, instead of chasing the latest and greatest. Consider environmentally friendly printing processes when producing photographic prints and artwork. On a smaller scale, ensuring old rechargeable batteries are properly recycled. Consider investing in higher quality gear that is less likely to become obsolete, instead of starting with cheap photo goods/accessories that are not durable.
  7. I finally replaced my first batch of generic 'Power2000' X100 batteries with this set from Wasabi Power: https://www.amazon.com/Wasabi-Power-Battery-Charger-Fujifilm/dp/B005CRHM5C/. They have worked flawlessly so far, 6 months in. The spare charger works great with the original Fujifilm battery as well, and it's more compact. I use them in my X100T.
  8. It really looks to be a nice value in a form factor that many people will be familiar with. I am impressed (and happy) that Fujifilm continues to scale their consumer camera bodies down smaller, if only to keep pace (or catch up) with their competition. In the era of smartphones as cameras, carrying a dedicated camera is a big ask for many people, the small size and wide feature set should appeal to a lot of people. The new price point can bring a lot of photographers into the X series family too, who might otherwise choose a different system.
  9. That's a great outcome, keep us posted on how it turns out! I can't help but wonder, did you shoot any photos with the critter in there? Did it come through or just disappear?
  10. Yeah, if it's already sticking now, that's not a good sign for its longevity. I imagine it's still under warranty? Best to send it in for service if it happens again, or preemptively if you're able to be without it for a week or two.
  11. @JMA That definitely sounds like your lens could be defective, possibly a stuck aperture blade. You should be able to see your aperture blades move, open, and close if you look into the front of the lens and click through the different apertures with the aperture ring. You may need to half-press the shutter to move the aperture blades, depending on your camera and settings. You should notice right away if something is amiss with the blades.
  12. Nice fine detail on this one, the reds come through nice too.
  13. I wonder if resetting it back to factory defaults might be worth a try? You will lose your settings, but perhaps it could solve it. You can find the reset option in the menu.
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