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  1. Hey Wilz, thanks for looking into this. I might get one of these one day. I think they would work well for my needs. (I have no internet at home except for my smart phone) and because I work as a graphic artist all day the last thing I want to do is go home and spend more time in front of a computer. So for me the ability to upload a few of my favorite shots and share them on flickr or something would be very cool. I think that without the function to protect images as a way of selecting them for upload this would be a pointless product for me. Again, thank you for your time and research. BTW, love your eagle photo as well as plenty of other samples I've seen of your work.
  2. JimDandy

    RAW exposure

    Is there a raw plugin for Photoshop yet? I have a rather old copy of Photoshop CS2 so I may be out of luck. Thought I'd ask.
  3. Amen, the manual focus is completely useless.
  4. BTW if I was making the x100 soft release I'd design one that is red with the name of the town where the camera is manufactured. I think its "Miyagi". Just another way to remember the earthquake and tsunami. If anyone does this the money should go to the rebuilding efforts. And yeah, I like to think about art and design. One of the reasons I was attracted to the camera.
  5. I think this has proven itself out that if someone produces these there will be plenty of takers. I've wondered about a branded x100 soft release button too. JC hope that one day we find these. Thanks for your help. If anyone else wants to send a link to this page with their own request to third parties please feel free because it just might make the difference.
  6. A big reason for my purchase was so that I could easily travel with a camera again. I have two toddlers so keeping everyone happy while dragging along an SLR wasn't working. Things are much easier now.
  7. JimDandy

    Phoenix Dust Storm Panorama

    Very impressive photo(s) my question is why did you do decide to do the stitching manually instead of using the panoramic mode? Especially with such time constraints? My favorite part of the photo is the left hand side of the image with the dust cloud lit from below. Nice to have other people in the image too.
  8. Looks good! Your argus is very similar to my dads. About 10 years ago we took a family trip to Europe and he was still shooting his camera. Had a few strange looks but the camera still makes great images. He has the leather case as well. I don't mind the black pinch cap. Just feel it lacks a bit in the design department. In the end its not that important.
  9. The key to Kai is that you have to watch more than just one or two of his camera reviews to understand his style. After he breaks you in all other reviewers will seem kind of dull. As with anyone his viewpoints might not always be the same as yours but he covers the features of each camera quite well and I like that he gets the stuff out of the lab into the real world.
  10. I think the original leather case from Fuji also has a magnet in the same area. Maybe someone else can confirm this. But if the manufacturer thinks its safe then there shouldn't be a problem. I have the clone also. It's a bit tight with the filter and adapter. Wish I had ordered the thin filter to save a tiny bit more room. But the quality of the case is great especially considering the price.
  11. In case someone is looking for this here is a link.
  12. @WilzWorkz7- I've done some more research on this Eye fi card and you could be missing a really cool function of this product. On their website I found this info. "Selective Transfer In this mode, only media that Protect/Lock is automatically transferred to your designated media destinations. Un-protected photos will not be automatically uploaded and will remain on the Eye-Fi Card. To designate media to be transferred you will need to use the Protect key (sometimes referred to as the Lock key) to protect the media. Please refer to your camera manual to find the protect/lock instructions for you camera make and model." So it looks like if you mark the file as protected it will only upload that to your device. This would be great for travel photos. Mark the best ones as protected that you'd like to share and then send them to your smart phone to post on a website. If you have one of these maybe you can test it out and report back if it works. Here is the link... to the info. Hope this gives you some new functions that you can use.
  13. ehiris, good points! I agree with you the functionality of the camera is what counts. Still I appreciate the aesthetics of this camera. The build quality of the x100 reminds me of my dads old argus that he bought in the 1950s. I personally love that the camera is built in this old school tradition of when they built things to last.
  14. JimDandy

    Two islands, one camera

    Neat shot love the atmosphere. Do you remember what "film" setting this was? I need to travel more.