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  1. LazarouINC

    Samyang 10mm advice

    Cheers guys
  2. LazarouINC

    Lug Covers

    Check these leather lug covers out for Fujifilm cameras Camera Lug Covers (Fujifilm
  3. LazarouINC

    Samyang 10mm advice

    Do samyang not do a full frame version of the 10mm for Canon.
  4. LazarouINC

    Samyang 10mm advice

    Hello I need some advice please. I am looking to get the samyang 10mm f2.8 for my Fujifilm XT2 but here is my dilemma. I also have a Canon 5D Mark 3 and I'm thinking if I get the Canon version of the lens and not the X mount I can then get an adapter and use it on both. So will using the Canon version on the Fuji give me any less image quality than getting the dedicated Fuji version or can I kill 2 birds with 1 stone with no problems. Thanks
  5. Put ISO in the auto position and you press it in once for shut speed or aperture depending on your settings and twice for ISO.
  6. LazarouINC


    Great set of images
  7. LazarouINC

    SilkyPix Pro version 8 released

    Cheers will check it out
  8. LazarouINC

    Flash for the X-series

    Nissin web site says there is still no HSS for Fuji with the i40 or i60 speed lights. *Currently the Fujifilm system does not support High speed synchronize function.The High speed sync button on the i60A Fujifilm version has disabled due to limitation and restriction on Fujifilm’s cameras. But High Speed Sync. function can be enable by Commander Air 1 Canon, Nikon, Sony & Micro Four Thirds versions during cross-system use.
  9. LazarouINC

    XF 16-55 thoughts

    Keep your eyes out for Fujifilm cash back on the lens. got £250 back on mine so was happy with that.
  10. LazarouINC

    Canon FD legacy lens and a question

    Yeah I'm the same as you regarding glasses now my eyes have changed over the last few years. So I'm ok through viewfinder but struggle with the screen unless I get the glasses out.
  11. LazarouINC

    Canon FD legacy lens and a question

    I used to use an Olympus OM Zuiko 300mm F4 with my X Pro 1 years ago without any problems. Now the latest models have focus pecking it's very easy although I don't have the 300mm now I do own a few manual lenses. The set up I have now is the XT2 and a few smaller focal length lenses. The camera works great with them and the results are fantastic. I have a Super Takumar 135 f3.5 that I use a lot and it's amazing. So EVF is fine for focusing but the screen can be great for longer lenses.
  12. LazarouINC

    RAW processing software

    Yes they do. I am also a Canon user professionaly and have been using there system digitaly for 10 years or more. Canon DPP is there RAW software and for me works far better than Lightroom. I have my own pictures styles that I created stored on camera and on a memory card. Any picture I take in RAW the information is carried over into DPP. So all my colours, contrast, sharpening, shadows, highlights and many other adjustments are there when images are transferred over to DPP. That means what I see on screen is what I get in software and leaves me virtually no editing to do. With lightroom everything is lost and set to a basic level which means messing around with photos all day. So if I'm out at a wedding a shoot 400 photos on my Fuji system I will have to mess about with every image meaning hours of work I don't need to be doing. Yes in Lightroom you can set up to import a Fuji film style but the images always need work doing on them anyway. So if Fuji created some decent software then it could work like Canon DPP and make workflow much faster . As a full time working pro I can not use the Fuji system to photograph a full wedding as I just couldn't waste all that time processing in Lightroom . I can have my processing done in 2 hours and everything as how I got it in camera on Canon. I love Fuji but they need to sort a lot of things out if they want the cameras and system to be as practical as Canon and Nikon. It's not up to a 3rd partys to sort out the problems Fuji have.
  13. LazarouINC

    RAW processing software

    Yeah I agree about Adobe and Lightroom. Fuji are putting the cameras out at the rate they do and claiming they are professional tools. So they should be building there own stand alone RAW software, it's a discrace they haven't done it yet after all the years of the X series.
  14. LazarouINC

    XF 16-55 thoughts

    I am liking the lens and it's nice and sharp at F2.8. The lens is a bit heavy and unbalanced on camera but add the grip and it balances out a bit better.
  15. LazarouINC

    RAW processing software

    The old SilkyPix that Fuji used has been replaced by Fuji RAW converter powered by SilyPix. You can download it for free and it's much better than SilkyPix as it's dedicated to Fuji camers. Hang on for January sales on Lightroom as Adobe normally do an offer on Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. When Black Friday was here I got the Photographer bundle from Adobe for £110.