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  1. I bought the 18-135 yesterday, after pondering over it every since it was announced. With taxes it cost me $ 1000, just as much as the prestigious 56 mm f1.2 which I wish I also had. Why did I buy the lowly 18-135? It's simple. If every time you're out and about you think how handy it would be to have that particular lens in this particular situation, if you do a lot of hiking in groups who don't wait for you to change your lens, if you travel to places where you don't want to open up your camera bag to show the world how many lenses you carry, if you ever shoot in snow or rain or in front of a waterfall, then maybe this would be the lens for you too. I usually have a lot of buyer's remorse after putting down that amount of cash for anything, but strangely enough, not this time around. And I haven't even really used it yet. It's just that I was missing it so much, that now that I have it, I'm so glad it's finally in my hands. The 56? Oh well, it can wait. I never "missed" it, since I have the 60 mm which is just fabulous. The 16-55? No, it just doesn't fit the bill. The 10-24 everyone is raving about? I like my 14 mm. So yeah, welcome to momma, 18-135.
  2. I for one am still waiting to hear back from Fujifilm Canada regarding the light leak issue through the AF assist lamp window. I sent them my video evidence and they say they forwarded it to Tokyo awaiting instructions how to deal with it. That was a month and a half ago. I sent regular emails to check up on the progress, but they say they are still waiting. I suppose, so far with the regular use and the normal LE photography I am doing, I had no issues with the light leak, so I will keep waiting. I'm also waiting for my blasted rear command wheel to fail, so at least I can fixed everything at once when they are finally ready.
  3. Ok, here's how the conversation went: Dear Karin, Thank you for your inquiry. We have forwarded this directly to our head office in Tokyo and they are currently investing this and we will provide you with a solution once they have completed their analysis of the camera. They may take a couple of days for the evaluation and solution. Please rest assured of Fujifilm’s absolute commitment to quality and service excellence. For instance with the "flare effect" we have a repair solution and are providing a shipping waybill for free shipping and providing a expedited pro-service to have the camera repaired and returned. We will also follow this same procedure for the light leak through the af assist lamp. We recommend that you keep and continue to use the camera. The Fujifilm X-T1 has received excellent reviews from a wide range of users since launch. The excellent build, retro design, intuitive controls and outstanding image quality combine to form a package which has delighted professional and enthusiast photographers across the world. With the X-T1 you have a 2 year warranty and here at Fujifilm we are always committed to provide above par customer service and repair. Fuji bla bla bla - - - So if I am understanding this correctly, there WILL be a fix for the light leak through the AF assist lamp? That's all I needed to know for peace of mind. I was worried that you would not accept my claim, that's all. Thank you for the quick reply. bla bla bla... - - - Dear Karin, We are by no means dismissing your claim. Once Fujifilm Tokyo has provided a solution we will contact you and let you know the next step. We would like to register you with our service department and when a solution is available we can inform you and send you a waybill for shipping to have your camera serviced. bla bla bla
  4. If you must see it. But it's doctored. Nobody get's to see me un-photoshopped.
  5. I have decided I'll wait it out. Gaffer tape to the rescue until I can send it in. There will be NO charge to send an X series camera for repair, they pay the postage both ways (in Canada).
  6. Well, I did write to Fuji and told them point blank that if they don't give me any news, I will be returning the camera. Their reply was instantaneous: They told me that they forwarded all my findings to headquarters in Japan (I should have made a better video), and when the engineers there will provided them with a fix, they WILL fix it, leaks from ports, AF, whatever. What was important for me to hear is that they do indeed take the AF leak seriously, even though it wasn't mentioned in their press release.
  7. Triggertrap cable (for Canon) and app for iPhone/Android.
  8. LOL! I have the same problem! So, I'm waiting if someone has some insights in the matter...
  9. Well, they assume that professional photographers all have model lights...
  10. I would hug you now if I could. Well, consider yourself virtually hugged.
  11. OMG, Andy.. you're my hero!!!!! This totally solves my problem. I just tested it and it works like a charm. I remember it was set like that on my X-E1 and then there was a firmware updated and somehow it must have turned this off. And then the X-T1 came like that, and it was off by default. I had no idea I could turn it on.
  12. Did a 2 minute exposure with the remote plugged into the microphone port at ISO 400 while shining the flashlight into the other ports... black. Blackest black. No light leak. It passed my test. Happy shooting.
  13. Got my X-T1 yesterday (Western Canada). I will be using it for LE photography, so I wanted to know what was up with this light leak. I took a couple of 30 second exposures with the lens cap on (to mimic the Big Stopper), shining a SUPERBRIGHT flashlight into the open ports about 2 cm away. And with superbright, I am talking Fenix E11, which will blind you temporarily if you shine it in your eyes. I'm serious. This thing is my pocket light saber, so to speak. At ISO 3200 (which I would never use for LE exposure AKA with the side door open), I get a small little purple tinge on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. At ISO 200, nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. A beautiful black screen. Which is important, cause I take pictures with the lens cap on constantly. All. The. Friggin. Time. Hope this helps some.
  14. This is depressing. I was one of the first people to pre-order the thing, but I'm still waiting to receive mine. Sheesh.
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