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  1. damienlovegrove

    Extension tubes do the job well

    Hi Christopher, I tried all 3 options/ combos and all had a dramatic effect on the minimum focussing distance. I expect I'll use all three options when shooting rings at weddings. All I know is I no longer need my 60mm lens. I won't be using the tubes for much else as I rarely shoot macro.
  2. damienlovegrove

    X-Pro1 60mm lens fault

    It was a fault. Fuji swapped the lens for me. Contact the service team and I expect they will fix it for free or replace it.
  3. I expect the machining factory is the same. I had to pay £37 in 'fees' to Parcel Force last time I bought a bracket on Ebay. iShoot would still work out the cheaper option If indeed it is the same. I'll mention that in an update once I've tested an iShoot version to check. The iShoot X-E1 base plate is a bit loose in my RRS heads and this one is spot on so it might be an updated design, or just a different specification. These brackets come into the UK in bare aluminium as far as I know. Hence them being anodised in a variety of colours to order. At least the design and finish is great
  4. damienlovegrove

    The Missing Fuji X Series Lenses - Where Should Fuji Go Next?

    I'd like... 85mm f/2 IS To add to 14mm, 23mm, 35mm, 56mm That would do me fine.
  5. damienlovegrove

    My review of the X100, the best portrait camera I own

    Thanks for your kind words guys
  6. I bought one on Ebay but it's a bit bling and not as good at keeping out stray light as the original hood. I've put it in the bin.
  7. damienlovegrove

    I see that the XE-2 has inbuilt wifi.

    Hi Rico, Thanks for the XE2 write up. My only concern is with the new widescreen LCD obviously chosen for video functions. When I used the XE2 last week at Fuji UK HQ I was surprised to see the bottom of my image obscured with an overlay of exposure information. On my X-Pro1 the bottom of the image is completely clear and the information is below the image. Is it posable to set the exposure information to the right hand side so that I can clearly see if my clients feet are in the picture? Thanks for your tireless feed of information in these exciting times for X owners. Damien.
  8. Hi Sweeze, I agree, there's history in that stencil. Both good and evil. Thanks Deemus, I suggest you start with one flash and use it off camera. Check out this post I wrote on Photofocus today: http://photofocus.com/2013/10/17/2-point-lighting-pictures-and-technique/ It might be a bit advanced but there's no harm in having a good overview of what can be achieved. Thanks WilzWorks7 Cheers, Damien.
  9. damienlovegrove

    Sony go full frame with NEX

    Full frame X200 has always been my speculation too. It makes perfect sense. I might just add an XE2 to my system if the new video friendly 16x9 LCD doesn't have the exposure info covering the bottom of the image. My X-Pro1 would then be relegated to my backup camera. The optical viewfinder on my x-pro1 is obsolete now the new lenses are with us. I find I don't use it at all.
  10. Sorry Jac, I forgot to answer that Q. None of the pictures use the wide angle converter. I own one but only occasionally use it.
  11. Thanks Rico. You are such a gent. The first 6 mins or so of my Lightroom 5 editing video can been seen free on my You Tube Channel here. I've never been 'taught' post processing so my approach is quite different
  12. Thanks for all the forum kindness. These are not straight from camera they are via Lightroom. I process my work in about 60 seconds a frame. It keeps the look natural and fits in with my house style. I love a feeling of reality in my work. I don't use skin softening, tilt the camera or use film simulation presets. I love life as it is too much to mess about with it. Thanks for the compliments. There are other galleries on the sure too and soon I'll have galleries for each of the X series lenses. Kindest regards, Damien.
  13. damienlovegrove

    nd filter strengths for portraits?

    In full sun with X-Pro 1 using flash I use a x32 or 5 stop filter to get me 1/125th at f/2.8 and ISO 200 that is instead of f/16. In hazy sun I use a x16 or 4 stop filter to get the same aperture settings.
  14. damienlovegrove

    Black X100 or X-A1?

    I have a near mint black X100 LE for sale boxed with an unused case and all the trimmings. It also comes with the black Fuji wide angle adapter, a black Gariz half leather case and an extra battery. £750 all in. I'll be putting it on Ebay if it doesn't sell here. The shutter count is minimal. It's my second X100 camera and I'll be replacing it with a 23mm f/1.4 for my X-Pro1.
  15. damienlovegrove

    X-E1S rumor.

    Great thread I'm a sort of pro, meaning I earn my money using my camera. But I used to shoot for clients but now I also teach. I travel too and I'm writing this from Singapore. I was in Jakarta last week and will return to the UK via Paris. So what? I hear you rightly ask... I only take my X-Pro1 and 4 lenses with me. I hire lighting kit at each location and I leave my FF Nikon and FF Canon kits at home gathering dust. The pro market in some countries is fairly stuffed. High end wedding, fashion and commercial photographers seem okay in the UK but are a dying breed. The vast majority of regular pros are in trouble. By the way, the top wedding photographers regularly earn £4k or £5k from each wedding. (Including in Munich). In emerging economies like Indonesia, pro photography is in growth and I just gave a talk to 60 of the best photographers in Jakarta on behalf of a high end wedding album company launching into that growing market. Fuji continues to excite us photographers on many levels and so too do Olympus. It was great to see Fuji chose to fly top UK wedding photographer, Kevin Mullins to Japan for product development meetings. They gave him a 23mm lens too. Lucky man I guess the pro or amateur title is less relevant these days. I'd like to be called a passionate photographer