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  1. @K1W1_Mk2 As $200AUS is under £100 that is even more of a bargain than I got - buy 2 incase the first one leaks!!! I looked at the Nikon AW1 and I just dont think I could ever trust it actually under the water - too many places it could leak... I am sure it is excellent in all other respects though. My feeling was that with XP80 prices so low now it was worth a punt to see how I got on and whether it could produce useful images - answer YES ! @photogirl Thanks Viv - glad you like @veejaycee Go on - look - I dare you
  2. Also worth bearing in mind is the Nissin i40 flash gun which comes in Fuji flavor and has a built in video light with 9 brightness levels. It also does full TTL with X-series cameras and high speed Sync up to 1/4000sec with the X-T1 - way better than the Fuji branded Sunpack gun... http://www.nissindigital.com/i40.html
  3. @veejaycee - glad you like the IR shots! If you are thinking of getting a converted camera I would skip the Nikon converted SLR option and hold out for converting a Fuji such as the X-E1. Now the bodies sell for so little on EBay - about £250 or less - and the conversion is also about £250 in the UK then for £500 you can have a state of the art IR camera with none of the focus issues that plague converted SLRs and full time live IR in the viewfider. And looking at your lens list you are well set for IR as the 14 and the 35 are both great performers in IR, as is the 55-200...
  4. Pretty sure it is just play in the lens locking mechanism - my 50-140 does exactly the same, as do all my XF lenses on all my X-Series bodies. It is more noticeable the bigger the lens is though... Suspect it is a design feature to allow for thermal expansion in the lens mount? Incidentally my Nikon D800 is exactly the same with Nikon lenses...
  5. Have a look at this article on Petapixel: Editing Timestamps...
  6. The engineering models of both the f/2.8 lenses at Focus had OIS switches on them so we can be pretty sure this is just an omission on the roadmap. Personally I cant wait for the 50-140 f/2.8 to come but most of my shooting is in low light and in that focal range - it is the 70-200 FX equivalent which is the SLR lens I use most. When the 16-55 f/2.8 arrives I suspect there will be a good number of 2nd hand 18-55s on the market - unless the new lens is silly money...
  7. Hi Petru and others Pitching in here as a regular contributor to this forum, a long term Fuji user and, as of this spring, an official Fuji "X" Photographer in the UK. My link with Fuji came out of a series of conversations at trade shows, particularly about my infrared converted X-E1. This led to my getting to know the UK PR/media team for Fujifilm UK in Bedford and their adding some of my IR images from Yellowstone to the official Fujifilm blog. This had a terrific response from around the world and resulted in my becoming an X-Photographer. I know others have been approached directly by Fuji because of their reputation both as photographers and often as bloggers - think David Hobby in the US for example. What does it actually mean? Well I'm pretty proud to be recognised for my work with Fuji gear and I regularly blog about fuji based projects that I do, many of which get reposted by Fuji. I am not under any obligation to be biased or favourable and I don't receive any remuneration for being an X-Photographer. However I do "have the ear" of members of the UK team and do occasionally get to try out prototype gear - like the 18-135 WR - and give feedback. Certainly Fuji intend to develop the relationships with their X-Photographers and I consider it to be mutually highly beneficial. I also believe that their whole approach to their user base is quite different to other major manufacturers - this is why we see so many updates, improvements and a continuing evolution in the product line in response to users needs and requests - they are to be applauded for taking risks and changing the game in so many ways. Cheers - Simon
  8. Shoot RAW - sometimes RAW + JPG Fine Never cull in camera If travelling light, backup onto iPad Import into Lightroom 5.5 - copyright & broad key-wording at import Store on a 4 disk Drobo Raid array mirrored to an unlimited LiveDrive cloud account 1st pass marking the rejects - these get deleted Any basic adjustments in the Library module 2nd pass ranking keepers as 3,4 or 5 star - often over several days going to and fro 5 star shots are worked in the Develop module and outside Lightroom in Silver Effex / DXO Film presets / very occasionally Photoshop but not often these days Export as JPGs - various resolutions/qualities depending on usage Quite often use the built in email client in LR - often overlooked by users and handy for sending things to friends Use Dropbox for client delivery - just works! Print direct from Lightroom on an Epson R3000 Hang on wall (when allowed...) - frames from Ikea ! Still frustrated that LRs "film presets" for Fuji are nothing like the camera settings...
  9. Hi Chris I have the previous version of one of these for use with my X-E1 and it works very well in all modes. I use it for timelapse and once you get the hang of the menu system it works fine. Mine Looks like this but is branded JJC Fuji use three different sizes of usb connector on different cameras so make sure you buy the correct remote. You can use usb adapters to convert one to another if you have different X-System bodies. Similar thing with the mini jack connectors... For the money it is a no brainer compared to less functional branded equivalent. Cheers - Simon
  10. All Fuji X-Series interchangeable lens cameras embed lens correction data into the RAW file and this is automatically applied by Lightroom without the need for external lens profiles. This is part of the reason that we have to update the camera firmware every time a new lens is released - so the body knows what corrections are to be applied in camera for the JPG and in the RAW. If you want to have a look at how the uncorrected raw file appears you will need to use a convertor like AccuRaw to view the raw data in its most basic form. This system was never introduced for the X100 and X100s because both cameras have the option of additional wide and tele convertors and at some stage we should see Lightroom profiles for the X100/X100s with each convertor added.
  11. Simon_W


    In lightroom you can select the output dimensions when you export from the library module - in this case set "longest side" to 640 pixels.
  12. I have done a lot of very low light work with the X-T1 and have found its focus to be pretty solid - two suggestions: Have you enabled "High Performance" in Custom Menu 2 - Power Management? This makes a big difference in focussing speed. I have also found that changing size of the focus area rectangle can help - sometimes smaller is better, but sometimes not...
  13. @flysurfer Thanks! - Now I need to persuade you to come to Yellowstone in 2015 on the next trip!! @PhoTom - I did a guest posting on the official Fujifilm blog earlier in the year and as a result the magazine editor approached me to do a feature. Notwithstanding the rather "broad" T&C of the Fuji Cloud service I don't imagine for a moment they would use anything commercially without prior permission - not worth the flack they would get...
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