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    Had the X100 (now with my daughter); had the X-E1 but now have the X-T2.
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    XF 14mm; Had the XF 18mm. Still have and use the XF 18-55mm. I have XF 23mm, f1.4 and also the XF 50-140mm. I recently bought the XF 16-55 f2.8 to use as my walk around lens, especially for travelling and bushwalking.

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  1. Try Kenji in Singapore. My daughter has one on hers. Brillant. http://kenjileather.com/product/x100f-camera-case/ Yes it is expensive but it not only does the job as Veejay has mentioned, it looks good . . .
  2. robthebruce

    Hello again

    It sounds like you will be counting the number of sleeps until you get it. When I moved from an X-E1 to a T2 at Christmas 2017, I loved the step up in the performance of the camera. From what I read on-line, the T3 is brilliant, particularly for video shooting. I've since bought the 16-55 f2.8 to go with the T2 and love it for day to day stuff and travelling. Now all we have to do is wait to see what Fujifilm will do with the next reiteration of the X100 series.
  3. robthebruce

    Claret Cup Cactus

    I missed this one and was just trawling though the photos and came across it. Its really good.
  4. robthebruce

    Dartmoor National Park Smaller.jpg

    With my wife, I went walking in the Dartmoor National Park, UK. As we left the car park for the walk, I spied this view and made a mental note to take a photo of it on our return - which I then did. This is pretty much how it looked to me, but it took some PP work to get it to represent what I think I remembered it to be.
  5. robthebruce

    Dartmoor National Park Smaller.jpg

    © Rob Culhane Australia

  6. robthebruce

    Bath Across smaller.jpg

  7. robthebruce

    bulb mode

    I find that you need to keep the shutter depressed for the amount of time you want the shutter remain open. With its release, the exposure is completed. The older cable releases have this ability with a little locking mechanism on them. On my X-T2 the amount of time that it is exposed is displayed on the screen for the photographer to keep track of the length of their exposure. So in short: keep the shutter button depressed.
  8. robthebruce

    Colors and layers of Grand Canyon

    The 10 mm focal length gives it a bit more 'sweep' and grandeur to its framing.
  9. robthebruce

    Which Travel Camera?

    Further to this topic: I spent nearly four weeks travelling through southern England, west coast of the Ireland and 10 days in the north west of Spain. I took the T2 with the 18-55 zoom, the 14 mm and the 50-140 f2.8. I used the 18-55 about 95% of the time and was not disappointed. The OIS and aperture switches on the lens jammed so I had no OIS if it was switched to aperture priority. Still worked ok without OIS as most of the pictures were between 15th second to 2000th second. I had the camera on its strap to my side (not in its case), each day of walking so as I saw something, I could lift it to my eye and at the same time turn it on. Within perhaps two seconds it was at my eye and taking the photo if needed. I have since had the 18-55 lens repaired on returning home. It was returned to me from Fujifilm looking brand new after the repair and clean they did to it. All the little groves in the adjustment for the zoom and aperture ring look great cleaned up. The evidence is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/robculhane/albums/72157668199217947
  10. robthebruce

    Featured pictures,

    Very good Vic. Great quality and you have captured a 'very colourful' place - in black and white. I'm glad you have put the link up as it shows what you have been up to with your camera and what can be achieved. We wouldn't have known this without the link. You could start running tours and charging people wanting to learn about street photography.😁 It's pretty quiet around where I live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, compared to the colourful neighbourhood you live in.
  11. robthebruce

    The Curio Shop

    I've visited this shop in Cowes as well. It is on the left as you drive in toward the sea on the main drag. But the day I visited, it was 40 degrees! It was too hot to go to the beach (I burn easily), so I spent a very happy 1.5 hrs in a near vacant shop on a Saturday afternoon with no customers to get in my way trawling through the records, the books, the 'everything'. It's huge.
  12. robthebruce

    Baiona, Galicia, Spain

    © Rob Culhane, Melbourne, Australia

  13. robthebruce

    Baiona, Galicia, Spain

    © Rob Culhane Melbourne Australia

  14. robthebruce

    Little rain in Arizona … and voila!

    It is beautiful and amazing how the flowers come out around the perimeter of the top.
  15. Sorry to hear about your mishap. What country are you living in? There might be someone within driving distance who has electronic skills to help you pull it apart. Another alternative would be to start a crowd funding request to get a replacement one second hand. There might be some kind soul who has a x100 and doesn't really use it or need it who is willing to sell it to you very cheaply. The upside of having Fujifilm clean and rebuild it would be that it should return like a new one. Mine had the sticky shutter problem on the x100 original and was returned cleaned in a way which I could never achieve myself. It was worthwhile just to get Fujifilm to clean the camera.