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  1. robthebruce

    Little rain in Arizona … and voila!

    It is beautiful and amazing how the flowers come out around the perimeter of the top.
  2. Sorry to hear about your mishap. What country are you living in? There might be someone within driving distance who has electronic skills to help you pull it apart. Another alternative would be to start a crowd funding request to get a replacement one second hand. There might be some kind soul who has a x100 and doesn't really use it or need it who is willing to sell it to you very cheaply. The upside of having Fujifilm clean and rebuild it would be that it should return like a new one. Mine had the sticky shutter problem on the x100 original and was returned cleaned in a way which I could never achieve myself. It was worthwhile just to get Fujifilm to clean the camera.
  3. robthebruce

    Why I eventually went with the T2.

    And yet . . . I concur with K1W1-Mk2, that the x100 series provides a good all round experience. Given the size of the 24 MP sensor and the ability to do crops, it would make the need for many of my zoom uses redundant. The X100F might be upgraded with a 26 MP sensor with additional capabilities on the sensor like sensor shift, to improve the ability to crop a photo. I saw recently someone had taken a vertical panorama of the night sky of the Milky Way using 5 photos which he made into the panorama. One could do the same with the 23mm lens on the x100 which would remove the need for additional wide angles lenses on the T2. I've only recently begun to play with the Lightroom/Photoshop pano function so take my speculative comments with the grain of salt.
  4. robthebruce

    Why I eventually went with the T2.

    After a near four week trip through northern Spain, southern England and the west coast of Ireland, I found just using the 18-55 f2.8-4.0 nearly perfect for all my needs. Occasionally a 20 mm was handy for interior pictures and a telephoto/zoom for close ups, especially when at sea approaching islands like off the coast of Ireland or landscapes. I used to have the T2 with the zoom hanging diagonally across my chest so by the time it was turned on and up to my eye, I had the scene roughly composed and taken. Since returning I have bought the 16-55 f2.8 just to give a bit more wide angle and faster speed at 55 when needed. The bird below was with the 50-140 zoom at 140mm. The puffins were also at 140mm. I think this one below was with the 18-55 mm.
  5. robthebruce


    I had to use the opportunity to try out the 16-55 f2.8 while my daughter was at home for the weekend.
  6. robthebruce

    Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

    Taken by leaning out of my hotel window, with the camera held at arms length. (I had wrapped the camera strap around my wrist just in case I dropped it.) To see the image I used the flip screen.
  7. robthebruce


    Spain walk
  8. robthebruce

    Alley cats

    While walking through Portevedra in Spain on our way to Santiago de Compostela I had a second to capture this before they moved off as we approached.

    © Rob Culhane Australia

  9. Check your shutter speed. I use aperture priority but occasionally I bump the shutter dial from automatic to 8000 second. It looks good in the view finder until I play it back. Yes I push the button down to lock it in automatic but when I'm pulling the camera from my bag I will reach in and in the process touch the button releasing it. Then a day later, I'll bump it from automatic shutter to 8000 of a second.
  10. robthebruce

    Which Travel Camera?

    Artuck's suggestion is a good one, so if we are going with zoom's, why not the 18-55 Fujifilm one? It works pretty well and is compact.
  11. robthebruce

    Which Travel Camera?

    Simple solution. I'd buy the x100F. I see them selling second hand on the internet. Sometimes they include the TCL converter lenses and/or the lens hood as well which make them attractive to purchase as it is far less than a new one and purchasing these extras as add ons. Rob
  12. robthebruce


    I have been wanting to use the star rating system to express my pleasure in seeing the anger and determination in the face of this young woman, but for the past few days have not had the opportunity because I have not been on my desktop computer, but only looking at the site using my phone.
  13. I had another thought today: I'd like to see it with a lens that focused manually like the old ones and not by wire like they are now. Even on the 14mm f2.8 and 23mm f1.4 which both have a manual clutch mechanism, it isn't as good as the old manual ones.
  14. robthebruce

    Lonely Pine

    Of course. I forgot that the zoom was available. I tend to think of what lenses I use or would be likely to use. Rob
  15. robthebruce

    Lonely Pine

    Very sharp and well balanced composition with the bushes either side of the pinetree. Light just right to highlight the depth of the rim. BTW, what was the lens you have used as it shows a 13.8 mm and not the XF 14 mm? Rob