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    Had the X100 (now with my daughter); had the X-E1 but now have the X-T2.
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    XF 14mm; Had the XF 18mm. Still have and use the XF 18-55mm. I have XF 23mm, f1.4 and also the XF 50-140mm. I recently bought the XF 16-55 f2.8 to use as my walk around lens, especially for travelling and bushwalking.

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  1. robthebruce


    I have suddenly developed a 'need' to get the 100-400 mm lens looking at your photos. 😉
  2. robthebruce

    Jamberoo water - sort of

    Thanks for your comment. No Lightroom preset required: just a bit of tweaking. It was hand held due to the lens stabilisation. Normally there would be more water, but there was a drought.
  3. robthebruce

    Homage to John Constable RA.

    Bath, Somerset, UK.
  4. robthebruce

    Tips For Motion Panoramas

    What was the shutter speed and aperture settings on the camera? I get the impression that banding occurs when the shutter speed is too slow and the person moves the camera too slowly in addition to the slow shutter speed.
  5. For those who live in Australia, I see that Camerapro has Fujifilm cashbacks which have lowered the prices on most if not all, Fujifilm cameras and lenses. For example: the X-T2 has been reduced from $1602 to $1452 after $150 cash back. The X100F has been reduced from $1844 to $1494 after the $350 cash back. All lenses are also reduced from most retail prices and then have a cashback available. If you want the the GF 250 mm f4.0 lens, retailing at $4,999, you can get $1,000 cash back, making it only $3,999. The XF lens series are also eligible for cashback amounts too. For example, the XF 90 mm retailing at $1122 is only $922 after the $200 cash back. Postage is $10. https://www.camerapro.com.au/sale/cashbacks-and-promotions.html
  6. robthebruce

    Latest Thoughts in 16-55?

    I agree with Vic's assessment that once it is on the body of a camera, it is rarely removed unless a longer telephoto is needed or a prime for a specific purpose. I also like the extra bulk or 'heft' it provides which is lacking in the smaller zoom, the 18-55. The focus and aperture ring are both easier to use as well by being that bit bigger.
  7. robthebruce


    Yes. I get it. I like the 'Zen' like simplicity of it. Thanks,
  8. Try Kenji in Singapore. My daughter has one on hers. Brillant. http://kenjileather.com/product/x100f-camera-case/ Yes it is expensive but it not only does the job as Veejay has mentioned, it looks good . . .
  9. robthebruce

    Hello again

    It sounds like you will be counting the number of sleeps until you get it. When I moved from an X-E1 to a T2 at Christmas 2017, I loved the step up in the performance of the camera. From what I read on-line, the T3 is brilliant, particularly for video shooting. I've since bought the 16-55 f2.8 to go with the T2 and love it for day to day stuff and travelling. Now all we have to do is wait to see what Fujifilm will do with the next reiteration of the X100 series.
  10. robthebruce

    Claret Cup Cactus

    I missed this one and was just trawling though the photos and came across it. Its really good.
  11. robthebruce

    Dartmoor National Park Smaller.jpg

    With my wife, I went walking in the Dartmoor National Park, UK. As we left the car park for the walk, I spied this view and made a mental note to take a photo of it on our return - which I then did. This is pretty much how it looked to me, but it took some PP work to get it to represent what I think I remembered it to be.
  12. robthebruce

    Dartmoor National Park Smaller.jpg

    © Rob Culhane Australia

  13. robthebruce

    bulb mode

    I find that you need to keep the shutter depressed for the amount of time you want the shutter remain open. With its release, the exposure is completed. The older cable releases have this ability with a little locking mechanism on them. On my X-T2 the amount of time that it is exposed is displayed on the screen for the photographer to keep track of the length of their exposure. So in short: keep the shutter button depressed.