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    Had the X100 (now with my daughter); had the X-E1 but now have the X-T2.
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    XF 14mm; Had the XF 18mm. Still have and use the XF 18-55mm. I have XF 23mm, f1.4 and also the XF 50-140mm. I recently bought the XF 16-55 f2.8 to use as my walk around lens, especially for travelling and bushwalking.

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  1. Taken with the 23 f1.4 and Pro-Neg Hi simulation.
  2. robthebruce


    Taken with the XT2, and 50-140 f2.8 zoom.
  3. robthebruce


    Grass around the pump shed. Across + R filter
  4. robthebruce


    Found in an old pump shed in the grounds of a property I was staying at.
  5. That would cause a sensation in the gallery. My career would be over, kaput when it was reported on the news that night!
  6. Taken with my old Fujifilm X100. Many still complain about the softness of the f 2.0 lens, but I loved it. It was taken at 2.5 on a tripod. In reviewing the pictures from that era, I love the colours too.
  7. Life imitating art. Rob
  8. robthebruce


    We met at an art gallery. We struck a deal: I could take a picture of her and she and her friend could take a picture of me and my wife replicating the pose of the sculpture behind us.
  9. robthebruce


    I like the expression on the woman on the right. Any post processing tips for me to get this effect? Rob
  10. When I was returning home at sunset in northern Tasmania, we had to pull over and get some more petrol. The bowsers were set up facing the scenes which are pictured. While my brother in-law worked out the problems of 'pay before you pump' (the station was closed for the night), I looked at the scene and thought this might work. But I had failed to bring a tripod, so it was all shot by resting my camera on a bollard pole used to protect the bowsers from wayward vehicles entering the petrol station and hitting them. Next time , . . I will have the tripod. If you ever get the opportunity, spend a few weeks in Tasmania for the photographic opportunities it provides. BTW, the picture of the white headed plants are opium poppies. Tasmanian farmers grow about half of the world's opioids used by the pharmaceutical industry for morphine and codeine under government licence and supervision.
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